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Two-wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance Add On Cover?

Add-on covers offers insurance for several damages or events in addition to Own Damage and TP cover, on payment of additional premium;

Add-on cover Benefits
Full Depreciation Waiver Cover
  • Replacement of parts will be paid in full without deduction for depreciation
  • Available for Vehicle upto five (5) years of age from the date of first registration
  • Two (2) claims admissible in a Policy Period
Return to invoice
  • In the event of Total Loss, we offer cover for
    • Invoice cost of the New Vehicle
    • Registration charges
    • Road tax
    • Insurance paid for your existing policy
  • Available for Vehicles upto five (5) years of age from the date of first registration
  • One (1) claim in a Policy Period
Monthly Installment Cover
  • 1 EMI for Partial/Total Loss/Theft payable to Financier
  • Time Excess of 5/10/15 days as per option of Insured
  • Available upto five (5) years from the date of first registration
  • Maximum of two (2) claims will be considered in a policy period
Daily Cash Allowance
  • Daily Cash Allowance of ₹250 or ₹500 or ₹750 per day to the Insured
  • Time excess of three (3) days after entrustment of vehicle to repairer
  • Payable maximum for five (5) days during the policy period
  • Available upto ten (10) years from the date of first registration
Hydrostatic Lock Cover
  • Replacement of Engine/Gear Box/Differential Assembly parts due to water logging/lubrication
  • Available upto ten (10) years from the date of first registration
  • Maximum of one (1) claim under the policy
Chola Value Added Services
  • Road Side Assistance Services provided during emergencies
  • There are eight (8) listed Road Side Assistance Services for Two Wheeler:
    • Breakdown support over phone
    • On site minor repair:
    • Fuel delivery
    • Flat tyre support
    • Battery jump start
    • Transfer/Towing of the vehicle
    • Relay of urgent messages
    • Provision of taxi

Assistance handling procedure:

  • Insured can call Emergency Helpline of the Facilitator in case of accident or electrical or mechanical breakdown of the Insured Vehicle
  • Insured to furnish the following details to the facilitator:
    • Name
    • Motor Insurance Policy Number and/or Cover Note
    • Vehicle Registration Number
    • Vehicle Make and Model
    • Breakdown Location
    • Policy Start Date and End Date
    • An indication as to the nature of the problem and Service requested
  • Facilitator will despatch the Services after checking Supplier Network at the place of breakdown
  • Facilitator will send service professional to the Insured’s location to render necessary services.
  • Facilitator will check with the insured on service arrival and if not arrived, will check with the supplier for alternate arrangement
  • Services will be provided on 24 x 7 basis on all the days in a year.
  • The services are available PAN India excluding North Eastern States, Jammu and Kashmir and Islands
  • Customer is covered from the moment customer starts or tries to start the vehicle

Facilitator: India Road side Assistance Private Limited, Toll Free: 1800 1800 1035354 / 1800 2095354

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation

Products/Add-on covers UIN
Motor Two - Wheelers Package Policy IRDAN123P0002V02100001
Monthly Installment cover IRDAN123A0012V01201617
Full Depreciation Waiver Cover IRDAN123A0013V01201617
Return to Invoice Cover IRDAN123A0014V01201617
Hydrostatic Lock cover IRDAN123A0015V01201617
Reinstatement Value Basis IRDAN123A0016V01201617
Daily Cash Allowance IRDAN123A0017V01201617
Chola Value Added Services - Two Wheeler Package Policy IRDAN123A0007V01201718
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