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Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler Insurance

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  • Chola MS bike insurance policy has unique Add-on covers
  • Long Term Products for New Two Wheelers
  • Roadside Assistance Services Provided at the time of emergency
  • Get complete support at the time of claims
  • Claims handled in-house
  • Our Two Wheeler Insurance policy is ISO certified for motor claims
  • Technology usage for claims processing (speed)

Two-wheeler insurance policies are motor vehicle insurance covers that help protect you and your two-wheeler from various risks and accidents. A vehicle is, often, a huge emotional and financial investment, so it is necessary to make sure you take the right measures to keep it safe too. Having a strong two-wheeler insurance plan for your vehicle helps protect you from the financial burdens that can arise from accidents and other road mishaps.

As per Motor Vehicle Act 2019, it is also mandatory for all vehicles on the Indian roads to have a third-party liability cover in place. A third-party liability cover helps take care of the financial demands of liabilities owed to a third party due to losses or damages they may have incurred in an accident with the insured. This accounts for injuries to the third-party and also property damage.

Another available cover for vehicle insurance is the own-damage cover where the policy also helps take care of the financial needs that arise when the insured vehicle suffers any damages or losses in the event of an accident.

The comprehensive two-wheeler policy is the recommended cover as it includes dual-coverage. This means the insured has both, third-party liability cover and own-damage cover in place. Comprehensive covers come at a higher premium than a standalone third-party cover but it also comes with a world of benefits for the higher price. Additional covers can be included to your policy upon payment of a premium to increase the protection of your motor vehicle.

Visit our FAQs section for more information on how you can benefit from comprehensive coverage. Get all your doubts cleared before finalising the purchase of your vehicle’s insurance plan. Choose wisely and invest in your vehicle’s safety.


Loss or damage to your Vehicle due to:

Owning a bike insurance policy is a prudent way of providing for expenses you are likely to incur in case of damage to your bike or damage caused to a third party or property. Renew your two- wheeler insurance online and receive the following benefits:

  • No bike inspection required for renewal
  • No paperwork required
  • Always have your insurance policy readily available with a soft copy in your Inbox
  • Get complete support at the time of claims
  • Get easy access to the nearest garage listed in the Cashless Claim Garage Network of Chola MS.

By choosing the right two wheeler insurance policy, insurers can relax and not worry about unforeseen circumstances that may cause financial damages. Basically, the policy offers protection against any unforeseen event that may cause damage to the vehicle. Additionally, it also offers protection to any third party liabilities that may have been caused which results in bodily injuries to a third person. The two wheeler insurance policy online insures all types of two wheelers and is the perfect solution to meet repair costs that may have been cause due to the accident.

Here are some of the two-wheeler insurance terminologies to keep in mind to comprehend a policy document

  • A cover is the term used to define the amount of liability that is covered by an insurance policy
  • The fee paid by an insurer to an insurance cover for a fixed term is called the premium
  • The first party represents the insured member and their vehicle, the second party refers to the insurance company that has provided the cover and the third party is the person involved in the accident that was caused by the first party.
  • A comprehensive cover protects the third party liabilities, the insured property and the occupant against injury or damage caused in the accident.

Add-on covers of Two Wheeler Insurance Policy


  • Call our Customer services Executive @ 1800 208 5544 to inform about your bike insurance claim
  • Mail us @ customercare@cholams.murgappa.com
  • Directly walk-in to any of our offices spread across India


  • Two wheeler insurance Claim Form
  • Claim Form
  • DL copy, RC Copy
  • FIR in case TP Death/Injury
  • Quick Survey Arranged
  • Simple Approval mechanism
  • NEFT transfer of Claim amount
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