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Student Travel

You are embarking on a new journey to chase your dreams and fulfill your ambitions. It is indeed a very proud and momentous occasion. However, staying miles away from your loved ones in a new country with strangers all around comes with its own bag of worries. Your safety, well-being, and financial security are a nagging concern for your parents.

It becomes imperative to have a student travel insurance plan while traveling abroad to ensure you always travel safely.

Who better than Chola to take care of you during uncertainties? Chola Student Travel Protection Plan is a partner you can rely on when you need help overseas. Besides making your travel risk and worry- free, the Chola Student Travel Protection Plan is thoughtfully designed to provide cover during an illness.

Reasons to choose Chola MS

Here's what makes Chola Student Travel Protection Plan the first choice for students travelling abroad.

Extra Savings: Our international student travel insurance plans cost much less than insurance cover purchased abroad, and are available in Indian Rupees. So you can save your precious foreign exchange.

Express Claim Processing: Our tie-up with Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd., a leading international emergency services provider, ensures hassle-free, super fast claim settlement with our student travel insurance policy.

Special Medical Extension: Available with the Platinum plan, this international student travel insurance offers extra protection for medical expenses for inter-college sports injuries, treatment of mental/nervous disorders including alcoholism/drug dependency, In-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, cancer screening and mammographic examinations and even child-care benefits up to seven (7) days. You can now buy Student Travel Medical Insurance policy online.

Door-to-door Coverage: You are covered from the moment you step out of your home in India, right up to the time you get back home. This overseas student travel insurance includes any eventuality that may occur on the way from your home to the airport while leaving for the trip, or from the airport back to your home on the return trip.

Other advantages include:
  • Outpatient and hospitalisation medical expenses covered for one (1) year. This medical extension is available for 2nd year also.
  • New geographical scope — Asia Pacific (excluding Japan). This means extra premium saving for you.
  • No medical checkup.
  • Cashless settlement of hospitalisation claims abroad.
Other advantages include:

Three different travel insurance plans for students — Silver, Gold and Platinum that give you the option to choose according to your needs.

  • Silver: Simple cost effective plan with medical cover.
  • Gold / Platinum: Comprehensive and value for money with additional benefits such as Bail Bond, Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection, etc.

UIN no.IRDA/NL-HLT/CHSGI/P-T/V.I/285/13-14 Date of Launch-20/07/2005