Leisure Travel

General exclusions under Chola MS Business Travel Insurance Policy include

  • Any treatment that might be the key reason or one of the reasons for the overseas travel.
  • Any treatment that can be delayed, according to the attending doctor and the overseas administrator, till the policyholder returns to India.
  • War (including war that has not officially been declared), invasion, civil war, act of foreign enemies; insurrection, rebellion, mutiny or revolution; usurped power (military or otherwise), capture, seizure, restraint, arrest or detainment; nationalization, confiscation or requisition; or damage caused by or due to the order of any public local authority or government; and acts of terrorism, with the exception of Hijack Relief.
  • Any reckless, intentional or criminal activity, use or abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, or attempted suicide.
  • Participation in air force, military or naval operations, either as a military exercise or as war games, or actual engagement with a foreign or domestic enemy.
  • Losses caused by attempted or actual commission or participation by the policy holder in illegal activities or attempted or actual violation of the law, including resisting arrest.
  • The travel insurance policy does not cover HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions.

You can also choose from our customized plans – Comprehensive Travel Insurance , and Student Travel Insurance .

Please refer to the policy wordings for details of complete coverage, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

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