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Although cover will vary depending on the corporate travel insurance policy you choose, here are some basic types of cover that you can expect:

  • Medical expenses: This covers any sudden expenditure that occurs as a result of an emergency medical situation during the overseas travel
  • Dental treatment: This is in addition to the medical expenses cover limit
  • Total loss of checked-in baggage: Compensation is offered in the event of permanent loss of all luggage while still in custody of the airline
  • Delay in checked-in baggage: Compensation is offered for expenses incurred by the policy holder to buy replacement items for essentials, such as toiletries, that might have been in the checked-in baggage that has been delayed by the airline
  • Loss of passport: Compensation for reasonable expenses arising out of the process of getting a duplicate passport
  • Loss of international driving license: If such a license is lost during the overseas travel, expenses related to the process of obtaining a duplicate license are covered
  • Personal accident cover: Permanent total disability and death during overseas travel are covered by our travel insurance
  • Personal liability: Cover for legal liability incurred by the policy holder towards a third party, either in terms of injury or damage to property
  • Financial emergency: Compensation for the loss of insured funds, or robbery or theft during the overseas trip
  • Hospital daily cash: Compensation for expenses, based on the sum insured, for each day of hospitalization for the policy holder. The claim for this should be filed under the medical expenses cover.
  • Hijack relief: Cover offered via sum insured for each day that travel is disrupted as a result of the hijack of the aircraft for more than 12 hours
  • Trip curtailment or cancellation: Reimbursement for any non-refundable expenses that might be incurred if the trip is cut short or cancelled for a specified reason.
  • Trip delay: Reimbursement for the amount spent on meals and lodging arising out of a delay in travel of more than 12 hours, if such expenses are not covered by the airline
  • Personal accident domestic: Cover for permanent total disability or death during travel from the residence to the airport or from the airport to the residence within India.
  • Home burglary cover: Loss of or damage to contents of the policy holders home in India while the insured is traveling

You can also choose from our customized travel insurance plans – Comprehensive Travel Insurance , and Student Travel Insurance .

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