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What is Travel Insurance ?

if you are an avid traveler and adventure seeker, you may want to consider buying travel insurance which can be very beneficial when you least expect it. Travel is intended to be fun but can also throw up surprises tht you should prepare for. Travel insurance helps safeguard you from unforeseen situations and must form a part of every travel checkist be it business or lelsure. Travel Insurance covers diverse range of scenarios from fight delays, loss of baggage, loss of passport and medical emergencies, Travel insurance is very convenient to buy online.

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Travel Without Worries

Travel safe with Chola Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance


Chola Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy is an Overseas Travel cover, which is intended to…

Student Travel Insurance


You are embarking on a new journey to chase your dreams and fulfill your ambitions...

Leisure Travel Insurance


A business trip or vacation should be hassle-free and memorable. This is exactly what...

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What does Chola MS Travel insurance offers you

Medical Expenses

To take care of unforeseen expenses during emergency medical situations.

Delay in checked-in baggage

Compensation is offered for expenses incurred by the policy holder to buy replacement items for essentials, such as toiletries, that might have been in the checked-in baggage that has been delayed by the airline

Bail Bond

Covers bail amount applicable if arrested or detained by the police or judicial authorities for any bailable offence while abroad.

Dental Treatment

Benefit in addition to the medical expenses limit.

Loss of international driving license

If such a license is lost during the overseas travel, expenses related to the process is also covered under the policy.

Total loss of checked-in baggage

Compensation is offered in the event of permanent loss of all luggage while still in custody of the airline

Loss of Passport

Compensation for reasonable expenses arising out of the process of getting a duplicate passport.

2-Way Compassionate Visit

if you or a family member is hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days, and if a family member visits you or you visit the hospitalized family member in India, we'll cover the cost of the round trip economy class air ticket for you/family member and accommodation charges for the family member who is visiting abroad.

Extra Savings

Our plans cost much less than insurance cover purchased abroad, and are available in Indian Rupees. So you can save your precious Foreign Exchange.

Express Claim Processing

Our tie-up with Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd., a leading international emergency services provider, ensures hassle-free, super fast claim settlement.

Special Medical extension

Available with the Platinum plan. This offers extra protection for Medical expenses for inter-college sports injuries, Treatment of mental / nervous disorders including alcoholism/drug dependency, In-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, cancer screening and mammographic examinations and even child-care benefits up to 7 days.

Overseas Medical Expenses

Any treatment arising due to a Pre-existing condition. Vaccination and inoculation of any kind.

Total loss of Checked-in Baggage and Hand Baggage

Any electronic, electrical, visual or audio visual equipment, item or aid.Any loss due to complete/partial damage for the Checked-in-baggage or Hand Baggage.

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Why Choose Chola MS Travel Insurance

Whether it is a domestic or an international travel, it is a nightmare to face events like lost baggage, ill health, flight cancellations or missing documents,that can drain all your travel cash within minutes and wreak havoc emotionally too. To overcome these issues, we have domestic travel insurance as well as international travel insurance . A good travel insurance plan such as Chola MS travel insurance is all that you need to stay at peace and combat such unhappy incidents that may crop up during a trip.Just like booking your holidays online, you can now buy travel insurance online at your convenience too.

Chola MS offers a customised and specially designed travel insurance plan in India to suit all your travel based insurance requirements that make sure that you are completely relaxed and at peace while travelling with your loved ones.

Chola - Modifying/Endorsing Your Insurance Details Content

Modifying/Endorsing your Insurance details

In case of change in name, address or any other details to changed/added to the policy, you can contact Chola MS for endorsement request. The request will be raised and the same changes will be updated in the policy.



Buying Travel Insurance in India for International Travel

17 Sep 2021
Did you know that even consulting a doctor for minor problems could actually burn a huge hole in your pocket on an international trip? Needless to mention, therefore, that an unfortunate hospitalization when abroad would cost nothing less than a fortune! This is precisely why opting for travel insurance when travelling from India to an international destination is a must. How to Choose Travel Insurance in India Travelling to a foreign country requires...

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Travel Insurance

17 Sep 2021
There is some good news for those buying travel insurance from Indian providers. You can benefit from special allowances, such as financial emergency allowance and even an allowance for hijack distress, when you choose your travel cover. So, if you are planning to buy travel insurance to cover any unexpected medical expenses while you are travelling or to protect your valuables, get all the information before you make a...

How to Calculate the Premium on Travel Insurance

17 Sep 2021
Did you know that the premium rates on travel insurance are the highest in Japan, among all the Asian destinations, because it is prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis? Similarly, you should also know that premiums would be higher when you seek insurance for traveling to countries like Canada and America, since medical expenses are high here, especially in comparison to South East Asian countries. Budgeting for Travel Insurance ...

Why Choose Student Travel Insurance

17 Sep 2021
Did you know that it is mandatory to have insurance cover if you are planning to study in the US or any of the universities in the Schengen area? The UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, however, allow insurance to be an optional choice! However, it is always essential to choose a comprehensive student travel insurance plan for your child, in order to pack in enough safety. The basic aim of having such a...

Types of Travel Insurance in India

17 Sep 2021
Travel insurance in India is growing steadily at 20% annually, according to Business Today. One of the reasons is that people are traveling much more frequently now than they did less than a decade back. Moreover, there is a higher level of awareness now and individuals no longer want to take on the unnecessary risks that come along with being on a trip. There are customized plans available for different segments of people for insuring their travel. Your most suitable plan would depend on...

Things to Know About Corporate Travel Insurance

17 Sep 2021
Companies getting travel insurance is an innovative way of covering the employer’s liability towards the employee. You can even customize your policy to suit your requirements, with covers available from the slightest to the most serious situations. Corporate travel plans do away with the complication of having to specify and order policies for each employee separately and you can guard against unforeseen losses well. What You Should Know About Corporate Travel...

Lost Baggage: A Nightmare for the International Traveler

17 Sep 2021
"The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." This quote by the famous American comedian Mark Russell may seem like a joke, but you would not feel like laughing when you hear about how often airlines lose baggage. And nothing can ruin your plans and pleasure more than no-show baggage. This underlines the importance of travel insurance, which many of us...

Prevent Burglary While You Are Away on a Trip

17 Sep 2021
When you are away for a vacation or a business trip, your home is the most attractive for robbers. Did you know that travel insurance in India not only covers for unfortunate events during the trip, but also offers financial aid in case your home gets robbed while you are away? Returning home from a vacation spells the end of a memorable journey. While you may have enjoyed your holiday, you also look forward to...

What a Comprehensive Student Travel Insurance Covers

17 Sep 2021
Has your child got admission into his or her dream college? This could be an exciting, as well as anxious time for you. Your instincts have always been to protect your child and give him or her security and comfort. While your son or daughter prepares to go to a foreign land, your role does not diminish. But how do you take care of your precious one when you are miles and mile away? One way to still offer security and comfort is to get a comprehensive student travel insurance plan for your...

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When it comes to the genre of Psychedelic Rock orPsy-Trance; our very own Goa continues to be the base for bands likeNeujahrstrance, Cosmic Brahma, Karnevals Trance, Vaikuntha and KannibalenMassaker, to name a few. Looking outside the map, you might have heard of names like, Hungary’s Ozora Festival or Croatia’s Lost Theory Festival. Although Goahas acontinuous line up of festivalswhich are mixed with exotic backdrops and décor, and clubbed with perfect beach...


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