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According to a Bangalore Mirror report, Bengaluru ranked the top spot for the most traffic-congested city, with drivers spending 71% of extra travel time stuck in traffic. In February 2021, Bangalore traffic police reported having collected total traffic fines of Rs 43.09 lakh in one day.

On average, it is estimated that citizens of Bangalore driving during peak hours spend an extra 243 hours, i.e., 10 days, 3 hours stuck in traffic. Bangalore has acquired the world's worst traffic-congested city, defeating 416 cities across 57 countries.

The government has now reduced Bangalore traffic fines for traffic violations. Below is a list of Bangalore traffic fines.

  • Fine for driving without a license, for a two-wheeler is Rs 1000, Rs 2000 for an LMV(light motor vehicle), and Rs 5000 for other vehicles. Fine for driving with a disqualified license is Rs 1000 for all types of vehicle.
  • The fine charged for overspeeding is Rs 1000 for two-wheelers and LMVs and Rs 2000 for other vehicles.
  • Driving without a number plate will be fined Rs 2000 for two-three-wheelers, Rs 3000 for LMVs, and Rs 5000 for others.
  • The fine for using a mobile phone is Rs 1500 for two-three-wheelers, Rs 3000 for LMVs, and Rs 5000 for others. Although, if the offense is repeated, Rs 10000 will be charged.
  • Overspeeding will be fined Rs 1000 for two-three-wheelers and LMVs and Rs 2000 for others. Rs 500 will be fined for not wearing a seatbelt or a helmet or violating safety measures for motorcycles and pillion riders.
  • Rs 1000 will be fined for blocking emergency vehicles, unauthorized interference with vehicles, or disobeying orders.

Traffic in Bangalore is worsening every year with the increase in the inhabitants in the city. The condition is no different in any of the other metro cities, with 40% of the 10 most congested cities being from India.