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The driving license is a document that signifies that the person has been permitted to drive the respective vehicle on roads. The respective state governments issue it. As per the statistics issued by the RTO, the total licenses issued to date are 11.80 Cr. With the current year total of 10.21 L. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 specifically states that nobody can drive a vehicle without a driving license issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

Driving License in India

A driving license in India is an essential requirement as per the law and used as evidence of a personal ID. In India, the RTO avails of driving license in four categories of Learning license, Permanent license, International driving permit, and Commercial driving license.

The Regional Transport officers and the commissioner or deputy commissioner are the licensing authorities with other additional licensing authorities for issuing licenses as well. But there are criteria made for issuing a driving license. A person who has completed sixteen years can apply for a driving license to drive a gearless-two wheeler. After completing the age of eighteen, a person can apply for a driving license to drive a motor vehicle.

How to Get a Driving License In India:

  • The authorities have made the procedure to apply for a driving license in India much easier by the simple online process.
  • The official website of the Road Transport and Highways Ministry known as Sarathi, avails the option of New driving license.
  • The person will directly be taken to the form for applying for the driving license. The website will provide confirmation and notification for the processing of the application.
  • The form will ask for some necessary documents. After completing the online documentation, the page will direct to the online booking for the driving license slot for a test appointment.
  • Finally, the person has to make an online payment to complete the application process.