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It is an exciting experience when you receive your first driving license. However, it is crucial to understand that having a driving license (DL) comes with a lot of responsibility.

As per a 2020 report, Delhi police made nearly 217 thousand on-the-spot prosecutions for traffic rule violations. In the same year, around 46 percent of the road accident victims killed were pedestrians.

The Transport Department is responsible for the issuance of a driving license in Delhi. They do so based on your driving expertise, that is, your ability to comply with the traffic rules. So, what makes you eligible for a DL application, and how do you apply for one in Delhi?

Eligibility Criteria For Driving License in Delhi:

  • For Learner's license - The applicant should be 16 years or above. They should have a good knowledge of the traffic rules and should have their parent's consent.
  • For Permanent license - The applicant should be 18 years or above with good knowledge of traffic rules.

Documents Required for a Driving License Application in Delhi:

  • Proof of current address.
  • Proof of age.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Medical and fitness certificate.

Getting a Driving License in Delhi:

  • You have to apply at the RTO office in your area or on the official Delhi Transport Department website.
  • You will have to fill in your details and submit the required documents. An application fee also has to be paid.
  • You will be given an appointment for your driving test (online at the RTO office).
  • When you pass, you will first receive a learner's license. You need to have this for at least 30 days before applying for a permanent license.
  • You will receive the DL in 2-3 weeks. The status can also be checked on the official website using your application number.

The application for a driving license in Delhi has become quick and simple through the online process. Prepare all the required documents and only apply through RTO offices or the official website.