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Customer Grievance

IRDAI’s regulations stipulate the Turnaround Times (TAT) for various services that an insurance company has to render to you, the consumer. These are part of the IRDA Protection of Policyholders’ Interests (PPHI) Regulations 2002.

Insurance companies are also required to have an effective Grievance Redressal Mechanism and IRDAI has created the guidelines for that too.

Here are the TATs for an insurance company to deal with various types of complaints

General Insurance Companies  
Service Maximum Turn Around Time
Processing of Proposal and Communication of decision including requirements/ issue of Policy/ Cancellations 15 Days
Obtaining copy of the Proposal 30 Days
Post Policy issue service requests concerning mistakes/ Refund of proposal deposit and also Non- Claim related service requests 10 Days
General Insurance  
Survey report submission 30 Days
Insurer seeking addendum report 15 Days
Offer of Settlement/ Rejection of Claim after receiving first/ addendum survey report 30 Days
Acknowledging a Grievance 3 Days
Resolving a Grievance 15 Days
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