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As a business owner, you take great pride in your establishment — it has been built up to its present glory because of a lot of hard work and sacrifice on your part. You may have worries about the dangers your shop and its contents are exposed to. Theft, an employee's infidelity, a fire accident — such unfortunate events can most certainly hamper the smooth running of the sales premises. That is why you need a protective cover like the Chola MS Shop Package Insurance policy — a comprehensive policy cover to protect the building, its contents and your peace of mind.

Why Chola MS?

Chola MS Shop Insurance is an ideal protection plan for you. In addition to flexibility and low premium rates, we also promise you convenience at every stage — while you apply, during documentation and while making claims too. Taking care of your business is our business. And we do it well.

  • Best cover for your shop and its contents
  • Protection from burglary
  • Insurance for your computer
  • Protection for your business from fraud and more

* Conditions apply.

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