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The average Indian spends more than 2 hours on the road every day!
That is nearly 7% of the day. With such a significant portion of our lives spent on the roads,
we spend surprisingly less time thinking about how to make that time Safer, Better and more Enjoyable.

Join us on #LifeOnWheels - our initiative to make your time on the roads as good as it can be.
From car safety, motoring tips, vehicle protection, driving etiquette, traffic rules, motoring norms,
road safety pledges to information that you can use as a motorist on our roads - you can find everything here.

With this initiative, we at CHOLA MS your #LifeOnWheels!
Join our tribe of happy, well-informed, safe motorists!

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Safer #LifeOnWheels

Don’t Be A Phombie

*Phombie, noun (PHOME-BEE): A new age human with an unhealthy addiction to his/her smart device which affects their driving ability. ORIGINS: Zombie, Phone.

Using your mobile phone while on the roads can cause unnecessary accidents, property damage, serious injury or prove fatal.

Take our your #LifeOnWheels with the #NoMorePhombies pledge and tell the world you will never use your mobile phone while driving.

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It’s Better #LifeOnWheels

Read our blogs to educate and empower yourself on all aspects of owning and driving a vehicle in India

Enjoy #LifeOnWheels

Bring healthy road trip snacks

It’s easy to mindlessly eat while driving or riding in the car, especially if you’re getting your snacks from rest stops and fast food places. However, you don’t have to toss out your normal healthy habits when traveling.

Trippin’ on music on road trips?

Create a playlist for your drive. Involve all passengers in the playlist creation. This way you needn't DJ while you drive and can keep your eyes on the road.

Keep water handy!

Ensure your car is stocked with fresh, clean drinking water every day. This will ensure you don’t have to stop every time someone is thirsty. Pro tip: Look for flatwater bottles that easily fit into the car door side pockets or seatback pockets. Ensure bottles are not left with water in the car for more than a day or so and they’re refilled every day.

Make your road trips a business class experience!

Keep some blankets and cushions handy for long drives. Some people find car air conditioners too cold and someone else in the family may need it on high always. Ensure those feeling cold have blankets to throw over and you can ensure everyone enjoys an almost business-class style experience in your car. Bonus - no fighting over changing air con temp or airflow!

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Let's gear up for a better #LifeOnWheels.

For helpful tips about vehicle care, awareness about road safety, information on motor insurance, and inspiration to enjoy your drive.

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