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Product Liability

About the product

Third Party Bodily Injury including diseases and loss or Damage of Property from products manufactured/processed/traded due to production flaws, material defect and insufficient warning or instruction to use that are directly attributable to the Insured once the products leave Insured’s control and put to its intended use leading to Civil Liability

Product” - Is Any Tangible Property After It Has Left The Custody Or Control Of The Insured Which Has Been Designed, Specified, Formulated, Manufactured, Constructed, Installed, Sold, Supplied, Distributed, Treated, Serviced, Altered Or Repaired By Or On Behalf Of The Insured.

Limit of Indemnity (OR) Limit of Liability
Any One Accident (AOA) and Any One Year (AOY) are expressed in either of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4


Premium charged depends on following factors:

  • Limit of indemnity selected
  • Ratio of AOA and AOY
  • Annual turnover (Revenue from operation)
  • Nature of Product