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D & O Insurance

About the product

Directors and Key employees take Strategic decisions/ Business Risk. D&O protects their personal liability, in case it arises out of those decisions/actions, which is unlimited. It helps to attract talents/ expertise. It gives better return to shareholders. It helps increased productivity.

D & O Insurance policies offer liability coverage for company managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within their scope of regular duties. Policyholder is Company and its subsidiaries and all the employees, in decision making position,  are Insured. It is the management liability – how a company’s management functions that can give rise to legal liability from their alleged or actual wrongful acts

Limit of Indemnity (OR) Limit of Liability
Any One Accident (AOA) and Any One Year (AOY) are expressed always in 1:1


Premium charged depends on few tangible and few intangible factors:

  • Limit Of Indemnity /Limit Of Liability
  • Extent of coverage 
  • Financial performance (as evident from audit report)
  • Corporate Governance (as evident from audit report and market information)
  • Macro and micro economic environment