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Top Bikes with the best mileage in India

With rapidly increasing petrol and diesel prices, everyone is looking for a vehicle that gives value for money and fuel economy. Even though premium motorcycles get a lot of attention, this class of bikes is the one that gets the most sales. This is because people who commute mostly by bikes daily prefer bikes that will give them their money’s worth over bikes that are not meant for daily use.

The demand for the best mileage bikes is the highest in India over other types of bikes.

We have compiled a list of top bikes with the best mileage that are available in the Indian market for you. Read on to know more!

The top bikes with the best mileage are-

1.    Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj Platina 100 is one of the best bikes that are available in India in terms of mileage. Not only that but the design of the bike ensures that you have a comfortable and easy journey to your destination. The mileage this bike provides is 89 kilometres per litre. It is equipped with an air-cooled and single-cylinder engine that has a maximum power output of 8.1bhp. The peak torque of the engine is 8.05Nm. This bike comes in four colour variants that you can choose from.

2.    TVS Sport

TVS is a well-known automobile and a brand that people trust. The company also lives up to this trust by providing the best bikes the market can offer. TVS Sport is dependable and has won various awards for being the most fuel-efficient. True to its accolades, this bike gives a mileage of 95 kilometres per litre. It is also equipped with the best performing engine. There is no doubt that this bike will give you your money’s worth!

3.   Honda Dream Yuga

Honda is a household name that has established a huge market for itself by providing high-quality and best-performing bikes throughout the years. Honda Dream Yuga is the most suitable bike you can find for Indian roads. It is equipped with a single-cylinder engine and 4-speed transmission that is guaranteed to deliver mind-blowing fuel economy. This bike provides a mileage of 84 kilometres per litre. This bike is priced a little on the higher side but there is no doubt that the performance makes it worth the money.

4.   Yamaha Saluto RX

Yamaha is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers that came to India. It has garnered huge support for itself over the years with a loyal customer base. Yamaha Saluto RX gives a mileage of 82 kilometres per litre which results in impressive fuel economy. There is no shortage of choice for you to choose from as it comes in six different colour variants. The engine’s capacity is 110cc with a torque of 8.50Nm. One of the most impressive features of this bike is its amazing pick-up speed and acceleration.

5.   TVS Star City Plus

Another TVS bike on this list of Top bikes with the best mileage is TVS Star City Plus. It has an incredible mileage record of 86 kilometres per litre. The powerful engine’s performance along with the design of the bike, not only makes it comfortable to ride but also makes your rides a joyous one. With its impressive features, there is no doubt that this bike is one of the best fuel economy bikes that is preferred by many.

6.   Bajaj CT 100

Just like TVC, we have another bajaj bike on this list. Bajaj CT 100 is an extremely fuel-efficient bike that gives a mileage of 90 kilometres per litre. Like most bikes, it sports an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that gives a maximum power of 8.1bhp. One of the most defining features of this bike is its suspension. It can absorb impact from all kinds of bumps in the road.

7.   Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor Plus is the textbook definition of a commuter’s bike. It is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes available in the market with a mileage of 81 kilometres per litre. The design of this bike is simple yet stylish that caters to the taste of many. It is equipped with a 97.2cc, air-cooled and single-cylinder engine which is accompanied by a 4-speed gearbox.

8.    Bajaj Discover 110

This Bajaj bike offers a mileage of 69 kilometres per litre. Bajaj Discover 110 gives you an amazing riding experience and makes your journey as smooth as possible. It is equipped with a 115.5cc air-cooled engine. You are spoiled with choice for this model as it comes in six colour variants. This bike also ranges on the higher side of the budget.

9.    Hero Passion Pro

Next on this list is Hero’s passion pro. It gives a mileage of 74 kilometres per litre. It is equipped with a BS6 compliant engine that gives a power of 9.02bhp with a torque of 9.97Nm. It got recently upgraded with new features and designs that make it more stylish than its competitors.

10.  TVS Radeon

This bike gives a mileage of 80 kilometres per litre which makes it fuel-efficient and the perfect commuter bike. It is equipped with a 110cc Duralike engine that gives a power of 8.4bhp. This bike is one of the best-looking bikes you can find on the market.

There are plenty of ways by which you can increase your bike’s mileage. Regular servicing of the bike along with using good quality fuel will help you make use of the bike efficiently. You should ensure that you get your tyre pressure checked regularly. The easiest way to maintain good mileage is to avoid rash driving.

Rash driving does more harm than good. The damages caused to the bike from driving rashly can be expensive to repair. If you don’t want to pay for such expenses or any other accidental expenses out of your own pockets then you should consider getting your bike insured. Insurance ensures that you and your bike are protected financially against expenses caused due to damage. You are also protected against damages caused to and by third-party.

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