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Tips To Maintain Your Bike In Coronavirus Lockdown

We know the lockdown is hard, and it can be hard for your bike too. Since you haven’t been able to use your two-wheeler as you regularly would on account of the lockdown, it can be easy to forget about its maintenance. However, it is important to maintain your bike right now to ensure that it still runs smoothly when you can finally use it. Here are a few bike maintenance tips that ensure that your bike is taken care of during the lockdown.

1.Make sure your bike is parked in a good spot

It is absolutely essential that your bike is parked in a safe spot to avoid any external damage to the bike. If you have a garage, then keeping your bike in a safe spot should be no problem. However, if you are parking your bike outside your house, make sure that it is covered with a plastic cover of good quality to protect it from heat, insects and animals, and other external factors that can cause damage to the bike.

2.Cleaning the bike regularly

Letting the bike stand idle for months at a time can lead to the bike collecting dirt and dust over time, which might affect the functioning of the bike later. In order to avoid this, and to give your bike a little care during the lockdown, make sure to clean the bike regularly and lubricate the chains to ensure that your book runs smoothly once the lockdown lifts.

3.Battery check

As your bike hasn't been used in a while, there is a good chance the battery might deplete over time. To avoid this, you can disconnect the battery until it will be used again, which will keep it alive. It is also recommended to make sure your engine is running smoothly now and then - just rev your engine for a few minutes every week or so to warm up the bike to ensure that it functions effectively after the lockdown period.

4.Park it using the centre-stand

While this doesn't seem like a big deal, parking your bike using the centre-stand instead of the one on the side goes a long way in ensuring that your bike is in tip-top shape. When the bike is parked using the stand on the side, the bike is parked in a slanting position that can put a lot of uneven pressure on the tyres. By using the centre-stand, it will ensure that the pressure stays off the tyres and will make sure that the engine oil is not stranded to only one side.

5.Tyre pressure

As tyres tend to lose their pressure over time, it is suggested that you inflate them to one unit above the recommended pressure, so that they won't lose too much pressure by the time you use them. It is also recommended to check the tyre pressure once the lockdown lifts to avoid any accidents or damages to you or your bike.

We have been giving a lot of importance to our own health and safety over the past few months - it’s time to consider your bike’s health and safety too. Follow these bike maintenance tips to ensure that your bike runs efficiently and smoothly once the lockdown lifts. Learn about Cholamandalam two-wheeler insurance and get for your bike soon.

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