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Things to Check on Before your Bike Leaves the Garage!

Bikes usually come with a user manual that gives an overview of the different things you need to know about that particular model.

In most of these manuals, there will be a checklist that provides important information that needs to be checked before, during, and after the service.

In this blog, we will ride you through the important aspects that will support you in maintaining the health of your bike and also get your money’s worth. 

Some of the things you can check before you leave from the service centre

  1. Check the engine oil- the proper grade for the right CC should be used. Try and make sure you are there in person when the oil is being changed. If not, ask about this when you pick the bike up.
  2. 1. Tyre pressure check - Make sure you check this before giving your bike for service so you know how the bike feels at that particular pressure.
  3. 2. If you are changing parts, make sure you ask for the old parts before you leave.
  4. 3. All projector lights and lamps should be working. Check the horn and also look for kinks or broken strands in cables. Make sure you check all the controls of the bike.
  5. 4. Brakes - Check if the brakes are working correctly - both the front and the back separately. To make sure they are, you can check if the wheel gets locked or if you hear a scraping sound when you are trying to stop. If this happens, they have not serviced the brakes.
  6. 5. Fuel tank check -  make sure you reduce the amount of petrol in your tank before you leave it for service so that risk of fuel theft is reduced.
  7. 6. Keep a check on the battery. Ensure that the terminals of your battery are corrosion-free. Before leaving the garage, ensure that the connectors of the battery are loose. If they are loose, the motorcycle will not start.
  8. 7. Look for any loose or missing nuts, bolts and pins. Check if they are all intact.
  9. 8. Is tyre tread depth adequate? The wheels should be balanced and the alignment checked if the wear is uneven- take the bike for a spin to check before leaving the service centre.
  10. Are the fluid levels correct? The fluids to check include coolant, clutch fluid, brake fluid, and engine oil. Make it a habit to check on these regularly and after your bike is done with a service visit. Ask for details about it from the service centre as well.

An essential part of staying on top of this checklist is to form the habit of self-checks and also practice asking the right questions. When you have all the information you need, you can avoid unnecessary add ons to your bill while ensuring your bike is in good form. Even without very extensive technical knowledge, by following this checklist you can be a vigilant and smart bike-owner.

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