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Essential safety kit to carry on your two Wheeler.

Life is always better on two-wheelers. Riding is a thrilling experience and a mode of relaxation for many. The two-wheelers today give great mileage and it is one of the main reasons why they continue to remain the most popular way of transport in India.

If you own a bike, you may regard it as your favorite possession, and maintaining your bike is of utmost concern. The emotions attached to one's bike or scooter are many. So to protect you or your two-wheeler from any unexpected situations, few safety things should always accompany you on every ride. While maintaining your bike and servicing it frequently are key to ensuring it is safe and reliable to use, we additionally recommend having a safety and emergency kit in your two-wheeler. This mandatory kit could help save you a lot of trouble and stress at required moments.

Here's the complete Checklist that has to ride with you on every journey.

Documents and Papers

Two Wheeler Insurance

Two- Wheeler or bike Insurance is mandatory for everyone who owns one. You should carry it everywhere you travel to. This is the first thing that should go into your checklist. As per Indian law, it is mandatory to buy the two-wheeler Insurance before you take your bike on road. One wishes only for the best and hopefully you and your two-wheeler remain safe on the roads. However, to be prudent, one must be equipped to handle the situation in case things go wrong - be it an accident with another bike or any vehicle or damage due to natural calamities. Such instances can cause you some loss and cut deep into your finances. If you own an insurance plan, such expenses incurred for your two-wheeler will be taken care of and reimbursed. Also, legal liabilities like injury or property damage to the third party will be taken care of.

With the Bike Insurance documents, you need to carry other papers like a bike registration paper, Copy of medical policy Insurance, and contacts in case of an emergency.

If you already have two-wheeler insurance, good for you. If you don't have one, consider buying Chola MS two-wheeler insurance which is the safest and easiest way to ensure your bike. Chola MS offers both offline and online insurance. Based on your comfort and convenience you can choose either offline or online insurance deals. Find your best deal that meets your requirements.

First Aid Kit

A simple first aid kit is an essential asset that you should always have while riding your two-wheeler to work or for a long ride. What should you keep in this important safety kit? The must-have components should be Hand Cleaners, medicines, cotton, band-aid, and bandages, etc. These will help you in treating minor injuries where help is not in the hand.

Bike Spare Tools

Being stranded with your Two-wheelers in a breakdown maybe an unlikely event, but it is still a possibility. Spare Part Tools like battery fuses, Headlight bulbs, screwdriver, Clutch cable, and puncture mind kit, etc should accompany you in your two-wheeler. These tools will come in handy when there is a breakdown or any mechanical emergency. It is worthwhile to learn some of the basic fixes and small repairs in this way you can handle the situation effortlessly. Also keep handy, the contact number for your bike dealer or service centre to call during such emergencies.

Safety Riding Gears

If you are opting for a long trip on your two-wheeler, then safety gear is a need for you. With proper preparation, the right safety gear will ensure you ride with comfort and utmost safety. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ensure that you have the following:

1.Make sure you wear the right biker jacket with breathable liner

2.Comfort fit pants

3.Knee Guards

4.Ankle boots

and most importantly

- Full head ISI approved helmets that are clipped properly.

Wearing all these safety gear during long bike rides can greatly improve your safety from any injuries and weather factors too.

Other Essentials to the checklist

- While you are riding your two-wheeler to work, you may end up waiting for hours in long traffic signals or when you are taking your bike for a long ride, you will be dehydrated quite often. It is essential to carry a water bottle, or any liquids to ensure you're hydrated at all times.

- It is a nice idea to stash some energy bars so that you can grab a quick bite and stay healthy on-the-go.

- It is also advised to keep an emergency stash of small amounts of cash in your bike - simply as a backup for those moments when you need money for parking or a fine (hopefully not) or similar expense. This is simply a precaution in case you're riding through areas where you can't always find an ATM or Bank during travel.

All these are essentials that one must have there in a bike or two-wheeler for comfort, convenience, and safety.Hope you use our checklist to tick off and prep before you go out riding on your two-wheeler again.

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