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How to sanitize your Two-wheeler during a lockdown?

Are you taking out your two-wheeler for every grocery shopping outing during this COVID-19 lockdown? Are you worried that your vehicle will pick up germs during the outing and cause infection? We understand your worry. We are here to help you with some simple tips so you can keep your vehicle clean and hygienic.

The threat of coronavirus has had the country worried for the last few weeks. The Government has taken various measures to curb the growth of the Coronavirus. Lockdowns, containment of areas, and social distancing are some of how we, as a community is trying to flatten the curve of the spread of this pandemic. While we are mostly home-bound and the use of vehicles has been banned unless it is an emergency, Many of you must be wondering how to clean your vehicles after being out for errands. Sanitizing is one of the most crucial ways to protect yourself or your loved ones from the risk of infection.

Here are a few simple tips that you can do to reduce the risk of getting affected by the virus.

First and Foremost - If you are going out to buy errands, it is necessary to wear masks every time. A mask can be only won for two hours and not more than that. Check that your mask has covered your nose and mouth entirely. Also carry extra masks, gloves, and Sanitizer in your two-wheeler.


There is no certain answer to how long the virus can survive on the surface. But it may persist for a few hours to several days. Few touchpoints will be directly in contact with the body. Touchpoints such as Handle Bars, Key Hole, Fuel Tank, Tank covers, Kicker, etc. And it is requisite that these points of contact are properly sanitized.

Social Distance is also for bikes, While you park your two-wheeler make sure that your bike doesn’t lean on any surface. When you are done with shopping groceries, and after stepping out of the shop use sanitizer before you start driving home. Once you reach home, you should sanitize your bike entirely with a sanitizing spray so that you don't get caught of any germs. And during this pandemic, it's good that you park your bike under sunlight.

While you are out shopping carry your bags rather than expecting shops to provide you with bags. Even if you carry bags there is a high chance that you may get affected by the virus. Sanitize your bag with a spray or wash it soon after reaching home.

It is an unusual situation in which all of us are in. However, each one of us needs to do our simple part.

1. Maintain social distance 2. Practice Hand Hygiene 3. Do not touch your face 4. Keep yourself sanitized. 5. Stay Home. Stay safe

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