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Protect yourself with Two-Wheeler Insurance

Protect yourself with Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two wheelers are very prone to accidents. To make sure that you don’t have trouble in the aftermath of a road accident, it is imperative that you buy two-wheeler insurance.

Firstly, one never knows what could happen on the road, and secondly, the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 makes it compulsory for every vehicle to get insured before they hit the road.

Below, you have a quick overview of what you need to know about two-wheeler insurance.

How to get a two-wheeler insurance policy?

Getting an insurance cover for your bike or scooter is an easy process. Just log onto an insurance provider’s website and fill the application form. As soon as you pay the amount of premium required, your application will be processed. With Chola MS, it is now very easy to get bike insurance online. This goes a long way in making your life on the road hassle-free.

The protection offered by a bike insurance policy

Giving your bike/scooter an insurance cover is a protection policy for your two-wheeler and you from disastrous events. Third-party losses can cause major expenses. With Chola MS, third-party coverage for two wheeler is something that automatically comes with the insurance policy.


What does two wheeler insurance cover?

There are different types of benefits that come with having a bike insurance policy, and we’ve listed them below for you.

Natural perils

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and heavy rains are bound to happen every year. The weather forecast may not be able to predict when they occur, nor the effects these disasters will have on human lives and property. The best way to be prepared for such perils is by getting your vehicle insured.

Social perils

One never knows when they can become a victim to theft, house-breaking, riot, terrorist activity or an accident. For these reasons, it is imperative for everyone to get their two-wheelers insured. These insurance covers save you from a lot of expenses.

Third-party liability

Accidents are inevitable. Getting unlimited coverage for personal injury or accidental death or injury of the third party is advisable. Ensure that your third-party liability includes accidental property damage coverage.

Personal accident coverage
It is always advisable to get a policy that provides personal accident cover for the owner-driver in case of accidental death/ disability while driving the vehicle.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, it is beneficial to only drive your vehicle with a valid insurance cover. Don’t let any unforeseeable and unpredictable events take a toll on you and your lifestyle. Get a comprehensive two-wheeler policy today!


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