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Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online Vs Offline

The Motor Vehicles Act made it mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance due to the perils involved in riding a bike or a scooter. So, if you are someone who owns or planning to own a two-wheeler, you need to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. Today, when we have the option of buying our two-wheeler insurance online, we can avoid violating this rule. These laws are not only plain rules but also a necessity to ensure safety.

What Can You Expect from a Two-Wheeler Insurance?

While it is mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance, it is also important to choose the right insurance policy. The components covered in two-wheeler insurance depends on the policy you choose. Today, insurance companies have a diverse range of insurance policies to offer. Out of all the options available, most of us pick the more comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans.

The elements covered in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy are:

1. Cover on Personal Accidents

2. Reimbursements for the repairs of your vehicle after damage caused by third-party or natural calamities or theft.

3. Coverage for third-party property

4. Coverage in case of injury or death of the insured.

These days, people have the option of buying, renewing or even claiming their two-wheeler insurance online. You can either opt for the offline method, where a representative of the insurance company will assist you, or you can opt for the online method, where you do it yourself (insurance companies provide all the details you need on their website).

Both methods have a set of advantages. Let’s have a brief look at the advantages, so you can decide which method works best for you.

Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Offline

You need to speak to an agent who will give you a brief about the insurance policies he has to offer. Although the process is lengthy compared to buying online, the person buying insurance offline feels more confident due to direct contact with the insurance provider. 

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Offline

Face-to-face communication

One of the major benefits of buying insurance policies offline, you have an expert guiding you to choose a policy that’s right for you. The human involvement extends a sense of assurance to the customer.

Clarification of Doubts

While buying insurance for the first time, people are often sceptical about which policy to choose. Because there’s a representative communicating from the insurance provider’s end, you can clarify all your doubts and reach an informed decision.

Range of Offerings

After examining the paying capacity of the customer, a representative from the insurance company offers you a variety of custom policies. Such custom plans cannot be devised online.

Save time while requesting a claim

Making an insurance claim is a tedious task, but while doing it offline, an expert helps you to claim your loss efficiently. They also make sure that your request is processed early.

Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Buying, renewing and claiming two-wheeler insurance online is fast becoming popular. This method is convenient for the ones who work full-time and have a busy lifestyle. Buying two-wheeler insurance offline requires you to take a day off and visit the office of the insurance provider. Individuals can not only buy, but also renew and claim their insurance online. Anyone who is well-versed with technology can buy their insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Comparing the policies

While purchasing two-wheeler insurance online, you have the advantage of comparing policies and perusing the reviews of other bike owners.

Affordable policies

Insurance companies that solely operate online bear the lower running cost. Dealing with insurance policies online also eliminates the need of having a middle man, hence the online method is more affordable than the offline method.

Reduced paperwork

When buying two-wheeler insurance online, you are not only in the comfort of your home, but you are also reducing the time consumed in paperwork. Insurance companies that run online ensure reduced documentation.

Amendment of policies

Insurance companies have an online portal for their customers, where they can access their insurance policy. Individuals can add additional covers and make amends to their policy, on this portal.

We, at Chola MS Insurance, operate both online and offline. You can contact us at 1800-208-5544 and get in touch with our representative, or you can visit our website to buy or renew your insurance online.

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