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Electric Scooters- How to Maintain them?

Electric scooters are a recent concept in India and represent a rising trend. The first Indian electric scooter was introduced in 2018 by Ather Energy- Ather 340. It took graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras five years to transform the idea from paper to life. This set the ball rolling for the electric scooter industry in India. The industry had to face a lot of challenges ranging from policy changes to inadequate infrastructure. Soon after, major scooter manufacturers like Bajaj, KTM, Piaggio with its Electric Vespa followed suit and released their version of Electric scooters. This has encouraged other players to come forward and the Indian Government has also started lending its support by flexing the policies and funding the sector.

The major benefits of owning an electric scooter are-

  1. Environment friendly- India’s pollution levels are quite high and air quality is not that great in most urban centres. Electric scooters have no harmful emissions like carbon and nitrous oxide variants. The carbon footprint of riding a normal petrol bike from one place to another is also reduced to zero. Now that turning eco-friendly has become a very important issue with earth’s health dwindling, it is the right time to shift to electric vehicles.
  2. Pocket friendly- Petrol prices are increasing day by day. In 2018, just when electric scooters had entered the Indian market, it was found that a person who owns an electric scooter can save up to Rs 15,000 per year by not paying for fuel. This savings amount has increased with increased petrol prices. Other costs of maintenance are very low as well.

The disadvantage of owning an electric scooter is mainly the lack of infrastructure for charging the scooter. It becomes a problem if you run out of charge while you are out on the road and are far away from a charging station.

Even though the electric scooters are low maintenance, you should take some steps to ensure that they are in good condition to ensure longer life and efficient running.

Here are a few actions you can do to maintain your electric scooter are-

1.Don’t accelerate while starting your scooter

If you want to start a fuel run scooter you accelerate a little to get the scooter’s engine going. This is not the case in electric scooters. For starting an electric scooter, you just have to turn the key and it starts. If you accelerate fully you risk hurting yourself and your scooter’s battery. Full acceleration drains your scooter’s battery and thus reduces the lifespan.

2.Keep a check on the tyre’s pressure

Just like any other scooter, your electric scooter’s tyre also faces the risk of puncturing. You should keep an eye on your tyre pressure. If your tyre is under-inflated, the scooter tends to drag and this results in wastage of charge.

3.Avoid riding in wet conditions

Your electric scooter is not meant to be driven through waterlogged roads. There are chances of the water not only getting stuck in the scooter’s part but this can also cause the metal around it to corrode. If you have no option but to ride the scooter in heavy rain or waterlogged roads, you should make sure that you completely dry off your scooter when you reach the destination.

In conclusion, even though electric scooters are new entrants into the market they have become very popular. With increasing focus and light on the environmental issues, people are actively looking to do their part to help save the planet. Hope this blog inspires you to purchase an electric scooter and not only save yourself the fuel costs and but also reduce your carbon footprint.

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