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4 Essential Things to do After Buying a New Bike

Alright, it is done! You have made your final trip to the showroom. You are now the proud owner of the bike you have been wanting for so long. Now that the first step is done, here is a list of things you need to do right after you’ve bought it. Read on to know more! Insurance

The first and most important thing on the list is to get the new bike insured. This is compulsory for all two-wheeler owners and it is customisable to your needs. Pick what’s best suited for you and not
make a half-hearted decision about it. Insurance is a beneficial product. It can go a long way in helping you financially if there is an accident. In most cases, the bike dealer themselves offers an insurance policy. This is one of the options that you have but do so only after comparing other options. But make sure to compare different insurance products online. Insurance companies have all the policy details available on their website, to know more about the types and
schemes available click here.


When you own a bike, one’s first instinct is to make sure it suits your personality. Accessories help in adding that touch. Accessories can be of two types :
● To improve the style and look of the bike
● To enhance safety features for the bike

The basic kit includes a tank cover, an angular side-panel set, a headlight cover, and a radiator cover.

But each item may vary for different bikes and brands. So, check in advance what accessories are suitable for your bike and not to forget it can also be customised to your liking as well.


A warranty is usually mandatory on the purchase of a new two-wheeler. The manufacturers themselves make this available on purchase. But do remember, the warranty period can vary from brand to brand. For example, an average warranty can extend over a period of two years or 30,000 kilometers from the date of purchase. Make that you are aware and check the warranty period and other guarantees that the company offers.

Service Check

The most integral part of keeping the two-wheeler in its best shape is for it to be serviced at the right time. The first service plays an important part and this should be availed in 30 days after you start riding the bike. It so often happens that most first-timers do not know this or what needs to be done. The list of service works generally includes a complete water wash, cleaning the air filter, checking the tire pressure, changing the engine oil, and adjusting the nuts, bolts, and screws all over the bike. In addition, specific problems will also be addressed.

Also in case you are wondering, make sure the company offers a free first service. There are service package deals as well that can be availed, check out the various packages available, and then make a
decision. These are the essentials that you will need after buying your dream bike,
keep these in mind, and enjoy stress-free rides all around the year.

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