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How to Check your Bike Insurance Policy Status Online

There has been a surge in two-wheeler sales over the last few years, and this boom in sales has only increased due to COVID-19. More people are now preferring to buy and use personal vehicles rather than depend on cabs or public transport for their commute and travel needs. As two-wheelers are easier on the pocket than a car, and are relatively easy to manoeuvre and take care of, they seem to be the vehicle of choice for a large segment of users.

With an increase in two-wheeler sales comes an increase in two-wheeler insurance policies taken. If you’re new to riding a bike and keeping track of insurance, you might be anxious about the policy period and when your policy expires. But not to worry - everything’s digital now! All the details of your policy can now be found online, and all you’ll need is your bike’s registration number to keep a check on them.

What is your bike’s registration number?

When you first buy your bike, you will have to register your vehicle with your Regional Transport Office. Once you’ve registered, your RTO will issue your two-wheeler with a registration number, which will be displayed on the front and back of your vehicle. Ever wondered what those numbers and letters mean? Let’s take this registration number as an example - TN02DF3675.

TN - The first two letters, such as TN or KA stand for the state within which you registered your two-wheeler.

02 - These two numbers indicate the RTO the vehicle was registered at

DF - This is given to make the registration number unique to you

3675 - This is your two-wheeler’s exclusive registration number

How to check bike insurance expiry date online?

The average two-wheeler insurance policy has a tenure of about a year, within which you will have to renew your policy. If you’d like to keep a check on your policy’s expiry date, you can visit the following platforms and type in your registration number to find the status and expiry date of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

  1. Your Regional Transport Office’s official website
  2. Your State Transport Department’s official website
  3. Insurance Information Bureau’s website. This is the IRDA’s data repository
  4. VAHAN - The official website for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

While the RTO and State Transport Department’s website and processes can vary from state to state, websites such as VAHAN and Insurance Information Bureau are applicable pan-India, and so we will run you through how you can check your bike insurance policy and its expiry date online.

How to check your bike insurance policy using IIB

If you were in an accident and want to check on the status of your bike insurance policy, you can do so using the Insurance Information Bureau’s online platform.

The Insurance Information Bureau of India was introduced in 2009 to collate all information and records kept regarding insurance policies. Here’s how you can check your bike insurance expiry date online or the status of your insurance if you were in an accident using this platform.

Step 1: Keep required details, such as name, address, registration number and date and location of the accident.

Step 2: Visit the IIB’s website

Step 3: Once you’re on the website, scroll down to the ‘Quick Links’ sections

Step 4: Click “V-Seva”

Step 5: Enter the details required. Click “Submit”

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will receive all the details of your insurance. It is that simple.

However, when using the IIB platform, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed.

Guidelines for checking your bike insurance policy status using IIB

  • The portal only stores the details of two-wheelers whose insurance was purchased after 1st April 2010.
  • When typing in your bike’s registration number to check its status, make sure to type it without any special characters or spaces. So your registration number should look something like this - TN02DF3675
  • Once your policy details are submitted to the Data Repository, it takes two months for the information to be made available on the IIB portal. So if you enquire about the vehicle’s insurance policy status within those two months, it is likely that you would be unable to find it.
  • The portal allows for a maximum of three searches with a particular email ID and mobile number. Any tries after this will be restricted.

You can easily access your insurance details through the IIB portal, but you will have to keep the necessary information and details in mind to access it, and you are limited by three searches. In addition to IIB, you can also check your bike insurance policy’s status and expiry date through VAHAN

How to check your bike insurance policy through VAHAN

This is the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and this platform makes it super simple to check your insurance policy’s status. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Visit the VAHAN website

Step 2: Enter your vehicle’s registration number

Step 3: Press “Vahan Search” to proceed

And that’s it! The platform will display your Registration Certificate’s validity and the details of your insurance tenure, including the date of expiry.

It can be overwhelming and tiring to keep a constant check on your bike insurance policy and its date of expiry - more so if you have to rifle through numerous documents and papers to find it. By moving all this information online, the process of keeping your insurance policy in check is not only made easier, but it is also more convenient and a lot quicker than if you were to check your documents manually, or head over to your insurance provider in-person to check on its status.

Once you’ve kept a check on your insurance policy and have noticed that your policy is nearing expiry, what do you do next? You’ll have to renew it. With the support of user friendly technology and digital services, not only is the process of checking on your bike insurance policy made simple but the process of renewing it has been made simple as well. You can now buy and renew your bike insurance policy online with Chola MS, making the whole process quick and hassle-free. All it takes is a few easy steps, and you’ll have your bike insurance in no time.

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