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How can bike modifications affect my bike insurance?

It can be exciting to have your own two-wheeler. For many bike-owners, adding a few modifications to the bike can give it that additional personal touch that makes it uniquely your own. However, many bike owners are unaware of the impact these modifications can have on their insurance premiums.

If your bike is insured with a third-party insurance policy, the modifications you make will have no impact on your premium, but if you have taken a Comprehensive or Own Damage insurance cover, customizations to your bike can affect the insurance premium you pay based on the risk such modifications pose. While most customizations increase the risk of damage or theft, which therefore increases the premium, some modifications can actually help reduce the premium you pay.

Read on to know more about how different bike modifications can impact your bike insurance.

Performance Modifications

When owning a bike, it can be enticing to see just how fast your bike can go. However, increasing the speed of your bike with performance modifications increases the chances of an accident, therefore posing a risk to your safety and that of your bike’s. As these modifications create a higher risk of damage, it will lead to an increase in the insurance premium you pay to your insurance provider.

Visual Modifications

It is nice to customise your bike visually to give it that personal touch, but making your bike look more attractive can also come with a price. Any visual modifications that increase the aesthetic of your bikes also mean that your bike becomes more susceptible to theft. These include custom modifications like changing the colour of your bike, attaching stickers, customizing the wheels or the lights, etc. As the visual appeal of your bike increases, so does its value, which makes it more prone to theft. That is why any such visual modifications can increase the amount of your insurance premium.

Security Modifications

Modifications for your bike don't just include those that improve its performance or visual appeal, but also those that improve the security of your bike. Installing anti-theft devices like locks and alarms that are certified by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) bring your bike under the low-risk category. Since they protect your bike and decrease the risk of theft or accidents, insurance companies provide discounts on the premiums for those with these modifications.

It can be confusing to determine which extra additions and modifications come under which category, and which can impact your insurance premium. Some changes like upgrading the braking system or the crash bars might not increase your premium while adding extra attachments as a luggage carrier might. That is why it is recommended to always check with your insurance provider before making any such modifications. Your insurance provider will be able to tell you if the particular modification will increase your premium or will not impact it at all. Based on that, you will be able to make well-informed decisions regarding the customization of your bike.

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