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Five reasons that you should get two-wheeler insurance from Chola MS.

When you buy two-wheeler insurance, you may not realise it but what you’re really buying is security for when things don’t go right. At that moment when you need your policy to deliver for you, your insurance service provider must be an organisation you can trust to be transparent and who can address your needs.

Chola MS has a legacy of T3 Trust, Transparency, and Technology. We are recognized and awarded for our Insurance policies and delivery innovations by the Government of India, and International entities.  We ensure and uphold our customers’ trust in every step, and we are transparent in giving you the whole picture of your policy with us. Our teams have been rewiring processes using technology to make things simple for a customer, so we can deliver great customer service with Technology-enabled procedures. We are good listeners, and always aim to solve all our customers’ queries. If these aren’t reasons enough, we give you FIVE more reasons why you should choose two-wheeler insurance from Chola MS.

Unique add on covers

When buying a two-wheeler, it must cover the other perishable covers that will add extra value. Additional covers or add ons are supplements to the basic two-wheeler coverage and make it useful for the buyer. Chola MS two- wheeler insurance provides the buyer with unique add on covers that will reduce the cost-effectiveness. Some of the unique add on covers are:

Monthly installment - It covers the non-payment of regular monthly installments to the financier of the two-wheeler.

Return to Invoice cover - It covers the Insurance premium payable with road tax, registration fee, showroom value of the brand new bike.

Full Depreciation Waiver cover -Replacement of parts will be paid in full for Partial Loss Claims.

Hydrostatic Lock Cover - Repair or replacement of engine parts, spare parts, and differential assembly parts due to leakage of lubrication.

Chola Value Added services - Two-wheeler package policy that covers Roadside assistance services provided at the time of an accident or a sudden breakdown of the bike on road.

Long Term products for new two-wheelers

Chola MS two-wheeler insurance provides long term products for your new asset. When you buy a new bike or two-wheeler, it is important and mandatory to have bike insurance for your two-wheeler. The insurance should provide you with products that will benefit in the long term. Chola MS insurance policy includes a comprehensive insurance policy which is a package policy that covers everything and this is optional. The other policies are liability only insurance, own damage policy.

Complete support at the time of claims

Having support at the time of claims is ideal for a financer of the two-wheeler. Chola MS promises and ensures to give full support during unforeseen situations. We always hope for the best and good, let's just assume there is a sudden accident that involves you and your bike. It is a huge loss. Chola MS takes care of the sum and the loss. All you need to do is just claim. Chola MS claim process is simple, only two steps ahead. The process includes Intimation and submission and the rest will be taken care of by us.

Technology usage for claims processing

In Chola MS, the claim process is simple. Only two steps and you are done with the process. Through technology-enabled channels like our website and 24*7 customer care service, claim processing made easy with Chola MS. You can use your electronic or mobile device to intimate the Chola MS bike insurance about the loss. Then there is a claim process form, where you can fill and send it online. When It is done, Chola MS conducts a quick survey and with a simple approval mechanism, we credit the claim amount through NEFT transfer.

ISO certified

Chola MS General Insurance Limited is the Insurance provider in India offering two-wheeler insurance for years and years now. We are consistently recognized and awarded by the government of India Our two-wheeler insurance policies are ISO certified for processing of motor vehicle claims.

When you choose Chola MS , you choose Trust, Excellence, and Transparency.  (LINK)

Stay Safe!

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