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10 Essentials For Your Long-Distance Bike Tour

A fun trip with buddies on a bike does sound adventurous - especially after living through all the travel restrictions in the past year due to the pandemic. Now with a little bit of ease around travel restrictions all over the country, it’s probably the right time for you to plan your next long-distance bike tour. A long-distance bike ride combines passion, interest, and of course, preparation. But at the end of the day, it's rewarding and satisfying enough to make everything absolutely worth it. Whether you travel solo or with a biker group, do make sure that you take care of the following things before you start your journey -

1. Physical fitness - you have to build your stamina to be able to go on long-distance bike rides. It can be as simple as having 15-minute workout sessions every day or increasing your average daily distance covered on a bike. This will help you get used to the nature of the trip and will definitely prepare you for all the ups and downs of a road trip and especially the strains of riding for long hours


2. Check air pressure - now this may sound quite basic to many but it’s essential. Ensure that both tires have properly maintained air pressure before you start off.

3. Learn how to remove and fix the wheels of your bike - it’s great if you already know this, but if you don’t, then learn it before you start off. When you are on your own, it’s crucial that you know to manage things by yourself. Because it’s quite obvious that you won’t find any help while you are on a remote highway or at the edge of a mountain wondering what to do with a flat tyre.

4. Ensure you carry your bike insurance with you- While packing essentials, ensure you carry all the important documents like your insurance and driving license. It is also a good idea to save pictures or soft copies on your phone for ready access too.

5. Fill your fuel tank before starting your journey - this is to give a good start to your journey. It’s a hassle to find petrol bunks on your way and you don’t want to get stuck because of an empty tank. Ensure you know your mileage and refuelling distances and tank capacity clearly. With this knowledge, you can plan your tank-fills on the go, without additional stress and of course without the risk of being stranded with an empty tank.

6. Practice a bit before your actual date of the journey - this one is quite crucial. If you are someone who’s used to riding a bike only for 2 hours every day, you might want to prepare your body a bit. Cover longer distances on your bike to get the hang of it. Do this especially if this will be your first long trip on your new bike. This will help your body and your mind to know what to expect in a long-distance bike tour.

7. Carry either sunglasses or goggles - protective eyewear gives you a decent vision even during those hours of peak pollution. Make sure you use one while riding a bike

8. Staying hydrated is important- Dehydration during bike rides is difficult to deal with and extremely dangerous. Make sure you carry plenty of water bottles with you and take breaks in between for a sip. This is a simple thing that can have huge consequences if not taken seriously

9. Pack a first aid kit - this is a must whether or not you go on a road trip. It’s one of the essentials that you just can’t miss.

All packed using this checklist? Have a great ride and remember to enjoy the journey even before you get to your destination.

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