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What a Comprehensive Student Travel Insurance Covers

Has your child got admission into his or her dream college? This could be an exciting, as well as anxious time for you. Your instincts have always been to protect your child and give him or her security and comfort. While your son or daughter prepares to go to a foreign land, your role does not diminish. But how do you take care of your precious one when you are miles and mile away? One way to still offer security and comfort is to get a comprehensive student travel insurance plan for your child.

Various Covers Offered by a Good Student Travel Insurance Policy

When one is so far away from home, a sound insurance policy can be a huge boon. Here are some of the covers offered:

  • Medical Expenses: In some foreign countries, particularly in the West, medical expenses are significantly higher than in India. During a medical emergency, you would not want your child to be worrying about the finances.
  • Dental Treatment: Dental bills have spiked over the past couple of decades. A toothache should not hinder your child’s education, just because he/she cannot afford to visit a dentist.
  • Loss of passport: Obtaining a duplicate passport can lead to certain unavoidable expenses, which should be taken care of by the student travel insurance plan.
  • 2-Way Compassionate Visit: What if your child is hospitalized for more than 7 days? The insurance policy will pay for you to visit your son or daughter abroad. In case some family member is unwell in India, the cost of your child traveling home to meet the ailing member will be borne by the insurance company.
  • Loss of Checked-In Baggage: Your child can get compensation in case his/her baggage gets misplaced and lost by the airline.
  • Personal Accident: Here, too, there are 2 covers – Overseas and Domestic. The student travel insurance plan will cover for death or permanent total disability while the policyholder is overseas or if the unfortunate event takes place when the policyholder is traveling from his/her home in India to the airport or from the airport to home.
  • Study Interruption: In case your child is unable to continue with education abroad due to illness or an immediate family member’s death, the remaining part of the tuition fee that is non-refundable will be covered by student travel insurance.

The other covers include personal accident while traveling to or from the airport in India, sponsor protection, personal liability and bail bond. Get a comprehensive student travel insurance policy and get peace of mind.

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