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Lost Baggage: A Nightmare for the International Traveler

"The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." This quote by the famous American comedian Mark Russell may seem like a joke, but you would not feel like laughing when you hear about how often airlines lose baggage. And nothing can ruin your plans and pleasure more than no-show baggage. This underlines the importance of travel insurance, which many of us overlook at times.

Whether it's a vacation to some exotic destination or a business trip to the international headquarters of your company, you take great pains to plan each detail of your travel. Preparing the itinerary, getting all documents ready and making all necessary bookings are topmost priority. You even prepare a list of things to carry. All these measures are taken to ensure that you are not stranded in a foreign land. You want the maximum convenience when you are traveling, especially if you are visiting another country. But all your plans can be totally derailed if your luggage fails to arrive on the baggage carousel. So, when you plan all the details of your travel, ensure that you have a sound travel insurance policy in place before you set out for your journey.

Ways to Prevent Lost Baggage

Travelers can safeguard their baggage and reduce the possibility of lost baggage in a number of ways

  • Get proper luggage tags: All the pieces of baggage must have tags with your name, address and phone number on them. You can even put down the phone number of the hotel where you plan to be staying. You can opt for smarter luggage tags that come fitted with codes or microchips.
  • Do an early check-in: When you check in late for a flight, the baggage handlers are in a hurry. When people are pressed for time, human errors happen and it increases the chances of your luggage getting misplaced.
  • Take pictures of your bags: Take photographs of your bags from the outside to show to airline staff in case your luggage does get lost. This will also come in handy when you file your travel insurance claim.
  • Give your suitcase a makeover: Suitcases often look alike and travelers pick them up mistaking them for their own luggage. To avoid this, you can use a neon tape or strap to distinguish your suitcases from others.

Despite all precautions, your baggage may get lost. Hence, it is best to take travel insurance before you leave home for your journey.

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