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Types of Travel Insurance in India

Travel insurance in India is growing steadily at 20% annually, according to Business Today. One of the reasons is that people are traveling much more frequently now than they did less than a decade back. Moreover, there is a higher level of awareness now and individuals no longer want to take on the unnecessary risks that come along with being on a trip. There are customized plans available for different segments of people for insuring their travel. Your most suitable plan would depend on the nature of the trip you wish to insure.

Different Kinds of Travel Insurance in India to Suit Different Travelers

When opting for travel insurance in India, there are a few details you need to keep in mind to choose the ideal plan.

You can make a choice based on the following:

Plans for corporate travelers

Does your work require you to travel often? These are plans for companies that send employee delegations on trips within India or abroad on a frequent basis.

These may cover:

  • Loss or delay of checked baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Loss of driving license
  • Curtailment, cancellation or delay of trip
  • Cash assistance in case of financial emergency
  • Daily cash in case of hospitalization
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical treatment
  • Repatriation of the deceased
  • Personal accident
  • Relief benefit in case of hijack

You can opt for voluntary excess and save a portion on the monthly premium.

Plans for business travelers or vacationers

You can opt from various covers like ones that help save costs, ones that are all-inclusive and specialized plans for the elderly.

Plans for a large variety of travelers wanting to buy travel insurance in India are available:

  • Travelers, who would like to cover their trip from the time they leave their home till the moment they reach back, can opt for door-to-door covers.
  • Travelers who would be indulging in adventure sports or other adventurous activities can cover themselves against any eventuality that might take place on the trip, by paying extra premium.
  • Families traveling for leisure can get children as young as a few months old to the elderly insured. Usually, medical check-ups are not required for people below 65 years of age.
  • Travelers can also cover themselves for any eventuality that is a result of an already existing condition.
  • Travelers who need to travel frequently can opt for annual multi-trip plans for trips of different durations.

Student plans

Travel insurance in India offers different plans for students. You can either opt for cost effective plans or ones with comprehensive coverage. Usually, these plans cover medical expenses, bail bonds, loss of passport or baggage, personal accident, study interruption due to being unwell or on other accounts, personal liability, and so on. You can also opt for door-to-door coverage. Companies offering travel insurance in India these days offer cashless hospitalization across a huge network of hospitals and outpatient costs for different durations.

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