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Travel Insurance Myths Debunked

While you might be a veteran traveler, you would still be a foreigner in a foreign land! And, there are several things that can go wrong – right from falling ill to missing a flight or even having your passport stolen. Travel insurance comes with an array of benefits to support you through such emergencies and more. However, many people decide to do without a plan when they fly out of India for a vacation. Why? The common answer – “I do not need Travel insurance; I am already covered by my health insurance plan.”

Many assume that their home contents insurance or medical insurance plan is enough to tackle any situation while they are away. However, these will not be useful for reimbursing non-refundable travel payments, if you have to cancel a trip due to health reasons. Also, what would you do if you travel documents are stolen? Only travel insurance in India will be able to reimburse expenses you incur for the duplication of documents.

The Truth will Surprise you

Here are the most common myths about Travel insurance in India versus the reality that you should know before you embark on your next international holiday.

  • Travel insurance will be of no use for me if something happens to my family back in India

Many policies will cover expenses related to trip cancellation/interruption, owing to family illness or injury, which hinders the travel plans. The same is applicable for illness or injury of a travel companion

  • Buying insurance for each trip is more economical.

For those who travel multiple times in a year, a multi-trip annual plan will always be more economical. It is also more convenient. You might also get some exciting offers along with such annual plans, which you otherwise might not be privy to

  • If I become unwell on a trip, I will just fly back home. So, I don’t need travel insurance.

When you are faced with a serious illness or a major accident in a foreign land, you might not be allowed to fly back home. The airlines might need a medical certificate, stating that you are fit to travel. So, you will first be taken to the hospital. Meaning, your medical expenses might begin accumulating. Owing to the foreign exchange and high health care rates abroad, this could prove to be quite expensive. Travel insurance in India offers emergency financial assistance, ensuring that you get the right attention in a foreign land, and you also get back home safely.


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