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Prevent Burglary While You Are Away on a Trip

When you are away for a vacation or a business trip, your home is the most attractive for robbers. Did you know that travel insurance in India not only covers for unfortunate events during the trip, but also offers financial aid in case your home gets robbed while you are away?

Returning home from a vacation spells the end of a memorable journey. While you may have enjoyed your holiday, you also look forward to returning to the comfort of your home. Imagine returning from a wonderful trip only to find that something has gone terribly wrong at home! This can be devastating, causing high anxiety and stress. It is essential to take some security measures to prevent housebreaking. Moreover, you can reduce the losses by following some tips, even if someone does break into your home.

Tips to Prevent Burglary While You Are Traveling

Here are some things that you can do to make it difficult for burglars to break into your home and also to prevent the losses in case of a housebreak.

  • Get somebody to check on your home while you are away. If you trust this person enough, you can get him/her to perform some routine tasks like cleaning collecting the trash. These measures give an impression to burglars that the house is still occupied.
  • At the minimum, ask someone to collect the newspaper from your doorstep every day. The piling up of newspapers at your doorstep is an obvious and highly visual indication that you are away and your home is empty.
  • Install specially timed lights in the hallway and bedrooms. These can come on for some time during the night. You can also set a timer on your music system to play for some time during the day.
  • Install deadbolt locks to deter thieves. Lock all your doors, windows and the garage.
  • Travel insurance in India sometimes gives you tips to safeguard your home. So read through the documentation and take all the necessary actions.
  • Lock away your valuable items like jewelry, expensive showpieces and gadgets. You can purchase a safe for your cupboard and store away your valuables in that.
  • Install a good quality home alarm system that will go off if someone tries to break into your home. You can opt for video surveillance, as this also acts as a deterrent for thieves. You may have remote access, so that you can monitor your home even when you are on vacation.

Before you leave home for a trip, pick the best travel insurance in India . This small investment can save you from a huge financial burden.

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