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How to Prepare for Foreign Travel

Based on an article by The Times of India, published on March 2, 2014, over 154 lakh Indians travelled abroad in 2012. Also, by 2017, it is expected that a staggering Rs 76,400 crores will be spent by Indians on such foreign excursions.

When we pay so much for a holiday, we expect everything to go perfectly. However, there are many glitches we might encounter. Here is an extensive list to counter it including, the importance of travel insurance in India, tackling health hurdles and electronic issues.

10 Tips for an International Travel

Be sure to do the destination research in advance. If possible, try booking tickets and tours for the places you want to visit beforehand. For instance, the White House tour in Washington DC is extremely difficult to get in; an application should be made through the respective embassy almost six months in advance.

Health and Security

  • While you need to have a Yellow Fever vaccination to travel to parts of Africa, a few other countries show risk of Hepatitis A and B. Be sure to talk to your doctor about immunisation and have a basic prescription drawn.
  • Check with your health insurance provider about foreign cover; else consider taking comprehensivetravel insurance in India before you leave.
  • Make copies of your passport to prove your citizenship in case of documentation loss, or register with your embassy.


  • Make sure your credit or debit cards works in the destination country
  • Look up the conversion rates and covert currency in the India beforehand. For example, while some parts of UAE allow Indian currency conversion, USA doesn’t.
  • Make sure that your travel insurance in India covers loss of money and theft. It is also a good idea to spread your cash in different places of your luggage.

Luggage and Electronic

  • Make sure you are aware of the baggage limits of your airlines. Also, be sure to check standard luggage dimensions prescribed.
  • Pack spare clothes in your hand luggage, there are many cases of check-in baggage loss. Also, check if loss and theft cover of baggageis included in your travel insurance in India.
  • Be sure to activate global roaming options on your phone to stay connected. Download necessary information on to your phone to avoid data roaming charges.
  • Check the voltage of your electronics and carry necessary adaptors and converters. Do not forget to carry spare memory cards for your camera.

No two places are the same, so make sure to go through your plan every time you travel.

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