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Is your child studying abroad? Get travel insurance

Your child will excel in his studies abroad, but what if an illness or natural calamity interrupts him? Ensure this doesn’t happen with student travel insurance.

Diksha Mehta* (20) was excited to leave for a one-year stint to study photography in Germany. She says, “I prepared myself well for the trip. I took extra classes to learn German, purchased new camera equipment, and even took a part-time job to make some additional money. Just before I left, my father purchased student travel insurance for me. I didn’t think much of it at the time.”

Just how important her father’s actions had been became clear when, four months after being in Germany, Diksha was injured during a photo shoot with her teacher and a group of classmates. “We had been out taking pictures of a construction site for a magazine project,” Diksha says. “We had constructed a makeshift platform to shoot from a high level. Midway through the shoot, the platform splintered and I fell 15 feet down.” She was quickly rushed to hospital, where the doctors asked if she had insurance. “My father spoke to the hospital authorities and gave them all the insurance details. My college initiated the process of filing the claim, and the treatment for my fractures and lacerations was completely paid for by student travel insurance.”

Not everyone has the foresight that Diksha’s father possesses – many parents focus only on getting loans to finance their children’s studies abroad, but skimp on buying enough student travel insurance. “People are simply unaware of it and what it does,” says Madhu Nair* (47), an insurance broker. “When my client tells me that his child is going abroad, even for just a few weeks, I tell them to buy student travel insurance. They don’t realise how valuable it is.”

Student travel insurance pays for a gamut of instances – at the basic level, from baggage and documents being lost or damaged, to medical conditions requiring treatment on foreign soil. However, premium insurance providers like Chola MS accord a greater depth to the student travel insurance offering – its platinum plan covers even such eventualities as treatment for sports injuries, accidents, illnesses, screening for cancer, mammographic exams and even pregnancy testing.

“When my son went off to university in the US, our insurance provider advised us to take sufficient coverage in student travel insurance. My son plays a lot of sports, and he is prone to painful knees and ankles. If ever he needs treatment there, he is well taken care of,” says Saransh Kapoor* (58). “I am aware of how expensive treatment is in the US. At least his insurance will cover those costs.”

Another benefit of getting a comprehensive student travel insurance plan from a reputed provider like Chola MS is that it is cheaper than purchasing insurance in a foreign country, and the plan is available in Indian rupees. When getting insurance for your child embarking on a foreign study trip, make sure that it covers him from the time he steps out of your door till the time he returns home – and this includes any incidents or illnesses that occur at airports and while in transit as well.

* The characters in this article are fictional and have been used for illustrative purposes.

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