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Buying Travel Insurance in India for International Travel

Did you know that even consulting a doctor for minor problems could actually burn a huge hole in your pocket on an international trip? Needless to mention, therefore, that an unfortunate hospitalization when abroad would cost nothing less than a fortune! This is precisely why opting for travel insurance when travelling from India to an international destination is a must.

How to Choose Travel Insurance in India

Travelling to a foreign country requires impeccable planning and choosing the right travel insurance. In India, when you choose your cover, certain things should be kept in mind. If you have never bought a travel policy before, choosing right could prove to be daunting, in some cases. However, choices that are made on the basis of certain specific considerations would always hold ground. What could these considerations be?

What to Keep in Mind when Choosing Travel Insurance in India

Ask yourself the following questions when you choose your travel insurance from India-based providers:

  • What is my destination? 
    Well, your destination would determine the size of your cover or in other words, the sum assured that you will require. You will need to check the cost of medical services in the country you are heading to in order to determine the right amount of cover. Remember, medical cover is essentially the principle feature of your insurance.
  • How Long do I Plan to Stay? 
    The premium for your travel policy would increase in correlation to your period of stay. Therefore, your duration of stay would have to be specified right at the outset to arrive at a suitable choice. If you are a frequent flier, you could opt for multi trip travel insurance.
  • What is the Nature of my Holiday or Stay? 
    If it is a regular holiday, where you plan to stay, enjoy or relax, you can choose a basic plan from India. However, if it is something like an adventure holiday, you could seek additional cover in order to cover any potential injuries.
  • Have I compared? 
    Once your personal requirements have been specified, it would be essential to compare the available policies before you buy. Consider a thorough research of options available for travel insurance in India before you actually spend on one.

Remember, the market for travel insurance in India is still evolving and you may experience a lack of variety in certain domains. However, choosing smartly could cater to almost all your requirements for sure.

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