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How to Buy 2 Wheeler Insurance Online

Get affordable motor vehicle insurance covers for your precious two-wheelers to keep them safe when on the road. It’s always best to stay protected as road mishaps and accidents are very unpredictable.

You can easily get your two-wheeler insurance with Chola MS, just follow these steps:

1.       Visit our website’s two-wheeler insurance policy page and understand what is covered with the plan.

2.       Select the 'Get A Quote' option to get the form required for the policy.

3.       Fill in the form with necessary details regarding your two-wheeler.

4.       Explore the various plans available and make sure to choose the right plan for you and your vehicle.

5.       Pay as you checkout and get all your documents emailed for safe-keeping.

You can easily make sure your precious vehicles are insured and protected at the comfort of your own home.


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