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Ways to Turn your Apartment Balcony into a Green Haven!

If there is enough space for a mini garden on the balcony of your apartment, then it’s the perfect spot for your green oasis.  By turning your balcony into a green haven, you get to breathe fresh air and filter out the noise and most importantly enjoy watching each of your plant babies grow. This can be the most satisfying feeling ever! 

In this article, we will mention a few points that will help you set up your green haven the right way

Choose the Varieties of Plants You Wish to Grow.

Before you pick out plants for your balcony, there are some factors that you will need to consider. Usually, local plant varieties are easier to maintain than exotic ones because they have already adapted to the climate and the soil of the particular area. For anyone who is new to gardening, local plants are the safest bet.

One of the important factors to consider is the amount of sunlight available on your balcony. If there are other buildings in front of yours, then chances of sunshine to your balcony will be limited. If this is the case then you will have to pick out plants that can grow in a shady area. You can also choose succulent plants because they do not require much care.

Use Top Quality Soil

It is important to choose high-quality soil since you will be using potted plants. Once the soil is put in a pot, it cannot take in nutrients from different sources. Therefore, you have to use the kind of soil which is rich in minerals and nitrogen.

To make sure the soil stays fertile, you can reuse kitchen waste as well. Eggshells, vegetable roots, peels, and leaves, etc can be used to fertilize your garden plants. Add these wastes to the soil and when they decompose over time, they will release nitrogen and nutrients. Reusing the residues will help make your apartment more eco-friendly.

Use Hanging Pots to Save Space

Space is the main constraint in most apartment balconies. Even if your balcony is small, you can still have a patch of greenery on it. Hanging pots are extremely space-efficient, as they will not take up much space and you can also get creative and add lights as well You can hang these from the balcony rails or hooks on the ceiling. Just ensure the pots are not too heavy, or else, the hooks might just not bear their weight.

Utilize Vertical Space

Most people often leave their balcony walls untouched, but the fact is that you can bring them to life and use it as canvas can make your balcony a very interesting place to chill and enjoy your “me” time. Some things you can do is place a trellis against the frame and plant creepers upon it; over time, these plants will grow along the wall. You can nail rows of pots against it and grow flowering plants in them. This is a simple yet effective way to enhance your apartment’s beauty

Do try out these steps to make sure you have the best experience setting up your personal green heaven in the comfort of your home sweet home.

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