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Ways to transform boring corners of your house!

Have you ever complained about the lack of space in your home or wondered how you can amp up the cozy and comfy vibes at home? 

The answer lies in revamping empty corners.

Corner decoration can make a significant impact on how your room looks. You can get creative by using simple ideas for the corners like a piece of corner furniture such as a colorful cabinet or seating space can transform an uneventful corner.  With a few additions here and there you can turn a corner into an inviting space that sparks comfort and joy.

Here is a list of fascinating and quirky ideas that can transform those empty corners into amazing nooks. 

  1. Coffee Station - A comfy chair, some pendant lights, and a cup of coffee are all you need!

Doesn’t that sound perfect? All you need is to place a comfortable fabric chair with a small coffee table in the corner of your living room, balcony, or even in your bedroom. Adding warm pleasant lighting can improve the glam quotient as well. Now all you need to do is make some filter coffee, pull out your favourite book and get sipping!

  1. Swing away

Looking to add a little drama to your corners and install furniture that doesn’t take up too much space? Well, a swing is your best bet to instantly renovate a corner without cluttering floor space. Add to this the benefit of saving you the trouble of cleaning under or behind it !

Now just relax and swing back into those childhood memories

  1. Bold Statements - Set the mood with pendant lights

Spruce up the corner with furniture such as a small coffee table, small nested stools and accentuate it by hanging pendant lights, to make a bold and stylish statement.

  1. Lost in Books - Curl up with a book on a comfy armchair.

If you’re a bookworm who gets lost in the world of imagination, install a bookshelf with a cozy reading chair and carve a reading corner for yourself to escape into. By using any innovative corner furniture, you can resourcefully turn a space into a comfy retreat.

  1. Storage - A stylish shelf will make even storage look dreamy. 

Make the corner look interesting by creating a walk down memory lane. Use old photos, medals from school, cookbooks, stuffed toys, and other memorabilia, to complete the corner decoration with a treasure trove of memories.

This can also organise your house by converting these valuable spaces into storage areas that also double up as interesting corner spaces.

As individuals, you can bring so much personality to your homes. You can create interesting corner spaces rather than leaving them dull and empty. So, turn them into your workspace, create a cozy play area for kids, customize a utility cabinet, fashion a gallery wall, store extra clothing, or display a life-size statue. Make sure you choose the right space so that it doesn’t look cluttered or overcrowded at the end of it.

The right kind of corner decorations add a functionality and a certain charm to your home sweet home

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