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Tips on taking care of outdoor spaces in your house?

Outdoor space is a fantastic addition to any property and it could also be one of the most versatile parts of the house. Keeping one’s outdoor spaces looking amazing and ready-for-use requires a regular routine to make sure things are in place.  Whether it’s a small porch, a deck/patio area, grilled or full outdoor kitchen, here are some tips to help maintain them in good condition.

1. Sweep, Dust, and Wash -

Every week, make time to sweep the floor; dust the windowsills, door frames, and ceiling-fan blades using a counter brush. Plan out the areas which you would like to deep clean especially the corners of the area. On a monthly basis, remove and wash the porch lights or covers of any other fixtures to rid them of insects or dust that might collect there.

2.Remove Debris-

New decks are usually made of pressure-treated wood and not many use pure wood nowadays. The treated wood is often processed with aid of chemicals that are resistant to moisture and insects. Sweep deck floors and thresholds at least once a week to remove leaves and other debris. Dust railings and window sills with a counter brush. You don’t want your deck to be covered in dust or dirt right? Make a schedule to ensure this cleaning happens on a routine basis.


One of the most satisfying views from an outdoor space are the surroundings.  Make the most of the views your property has to offer. One can make it a little more inviting by arranging a small sitting area to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise or a table and chairs for the family to sit together and enjoy nature’s gift. Use hedges or screens to block out unsightly eyesores.

Most of the successful landscape architects suggest looking beyond the boundaries of a property to observe how the site fits into its surrounding environment.

4.Plant Selection:

Everybody loves to connect with nature. We all have a favourite place to relax and de-stress in our homes. For a lot of people plants bring a sense of calm and of course beauty to an outdoor space. Choosing the right plants for an outdoor space is as important as caring for them. Choose easy-care greenery in and around your outdoor living space for a low-maintenance area. Also keep in mind, that while plants that attract bees and other pollinators are a good thing in your garden, you might not want those particular plants in the middle of your dining area. So pick plants apt for the areas you visualise to place them in. Caring for these plants are also an important part of maintaining your outdoor garden. So when you add plants, do also take care to find out the basics of manures, fertilizing and pruning that they would need. This will ensure that you can keep your plant babies hale, healthy and most importantly adding refreshing greenery to your outdoor space.

5. Furnishings:

Appropriate outdoor furniture choices will depend on the intended use of the space — dining, relaxing, entertaining — in most cases it's a combination of all three.

Select furniture that is not only comfortable and practical for outdoor use, but also weather resistant and washable. Making the right choice while setting up helps in making sure your aftercare and maintenance are sorted. The best recommendation for this would be small movable tables for tea time, cocktails, and snacks. One can also get innovative and use colors, patterns to bring out the interior designer in you!

With lives getting busier day by day, creating an outdoor space to relax and decompress your mind is an important need while designing your spaces. Bear in mind the outdoor weather in your part of the world and plan your outdoor nook to suit the local conditions. Hope these tips give you the confidence to create a space that has the ambience, the surroundings and the functional prerequisites to help you relax.

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