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Setting up Space to Work-from-Home

Working from home is now more of a necessity than a luxury. The year 2020 changed every professional’s life. Thanks to the internet and the growing communication technology it has become very easy to work from anywhere. However, the ability to access the web isn’t not the only criteria needed to work effectively from home or a remote location. You need a space that promotes productivity without interfering with the life of your family members.

The most important thing to remember is that if you plan to work from home, creating a productive workspace needs to be your ONE Thing. With the right setup, you can achieve better results and get more done in less time. That would give you a genuine advantage allowing you to release some more time to spend with your family.

This blog is broken into sections to help you establish your home workspace step by step:

Selecting your workspace based on needs

The type of business or work you do is key to determining the type, size, and location of the workspace you need. If you have a family and will be operating a business primarily from within your home, you will want to incorporate as many of the following ideas as possible to help achieve the balance of drawing a line between work and personal space.

  • If there is an option of choosing a separate room as a dedicated workspace then that’s the best decision you can make.  This helps in staying in your workspace and being your best productive self without any distractions.
  • The next best thing is to invest in a desk and this can make a huge difference.  It is said that the real takeaway is that a desk is a psychological signifier for work whether it’s neat and tidy or messy.

Design a Space Where Everything is Within Reach

The most productive workspaces, whether they are in a home or in an office, are outfitted with all the tools a worker needs to complete their job. Anytime you lack a necessity, productivity drops or comes to a screeching halt.

The team behind Identity Realization workplace consultancy found in a 2010 study that simply taking ownership and control over your workspace could increase productivity by up to 32%. It’s just one more reason to set up your home-office as a well-defined space that makes working from home as easy as possible.

Little details matter

Experts say “What we see can literally change how we think”. Studies show the color blue boosts creativity, while red encourages attention to detail. A pop of green can also put people in an imaginative mood—and there are other ways to go green besides paint. “You can try to bring nature inside with houseplants, botanic prints, and nature photography.

Work with what you have

If you don’t have a spare room to transform into a home office — or even space for a full desk — get creative. We recommend using an old armoire/cupboard as a makeshift office. “When it’s open you are at work, [and] when it’s closed you enjoy an organized, attractive space for other uses

Another option is to use a rolling file cart to store your laptop, papers, and other work materials. Simply wheel it to your dining table or kitchen counter and you have a mobile office. The whole idea here is to make use of what you have and make it the best work from home set up.

Prioritize your comfort

Turn your work area into a place you love. You will be spending 8 hours here every day, so why not take some effort to make it about everything you love.

If it is a room, consider painting it a color you like and make sure there is good lighting. You should also invest in a supportive, ergonomically designed chair and position your computer to eye-level.

A few other options: brighten your space with greenery, hang a favorite piece of art, set up speakers, or bring in a fan or small space heater. Experts say, your work area sets the mood for getting things done, so you want to make it a comfortable, inspiring space.

Keep it Organized

For a clean, uncluttered workspace limit the framed photos and knick-knacks. Reserve your desk space for everyday supplies, like your stapler, planner, or stash of pens. Get a technology box for easy access for your wires, adapters, cords, and tech devices and set up a drop zone for papers you need to file. A wall pocket or hanging file holder will keep your desk clear.

Designing the perfect home office requires art, science, and self-reflection. But crafting a healthy work environment can help you and your work reach new heights without setting foot into the office.

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