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Here's how to safeguard your home against theft and burglary

Safety is one of the major concerns when we buy a home. We take the utmost care to choose the right neighborhood with a minimal criminal record to buy a house or live in one. Even then, safeguarding the home is important and there are many reasons why we should not let our guard down. Despite the vigilant personnel in your neighborhood, it is advisable to make sure you safeguard your home and all its belongings from theft or robbery. Read to know about the simple and easy ways to safeguard your home from theft or burglary:

Lock it up:

The first and most ideal way to safeguard your home is to lock it up. Despite this being the most obvious solution, most people leave the doors and windows unlocked before they leave their house. Even if you are making a trip down to the grocery store or having a chat at your neighbor’s house, it is better to lock your home. We would even recommend this if your home layout is such that you could be occupied in one corner of the house without knowing what is going on in another part of the house. There are high chances for a burglar to access your home through the windows and doors. So, it is better to lock it up and reconfirm it before you leave your home.

Upgrade to Alarm Systems:

With the cases of burglary increasing, it is advisable to get your house an alarm or home security system. Nowadays, most of the apartments in the city are now equipped with an in-built alarm system to alert the members of the house in case of a break in. A home security system would not just alert you, but also your neighbors. They could help remedy the situation in case of a burglary, when you are out of town. Also, you could save some money on your home insurance premiums, based on the policy you opt for.   

Keep your house active:

If you are planning to go on a vacation or be away from your home for quite a long period of time, it is better to arrange someone to look after your home in your absence. It could be your maid to clean the house regularly or your neighbor to help switch on some of the lights inside the house to make it look like you are at home. Also, it is advisable to consider not advertising the possession of any prized property to people in your neighborhood.

Keep it under wraps:

There are instances of a theft or burglary during summer when people are generally on a vacation or holiday. Burglars tend to observe the activities of the people in the house, in terms of the time they are out and are back. So, if you have plans for a vacation or holiday, keep a responsible family member or friend informed to check in at your house once in a while. Avoid advertising your away dates on social media.

Be it a tight-knit Group:

Make friends with your neighbors and be familiar with your security staff and their supervisor. Set up a group in your neighborhood and be sure to inform each other in case of any suspicious activity in and around your neighborhood. This will help you in the longer run.

Put them in the safe:

Invest some money for an advanced locker safe and leave all your prized possessions and important documents in it. Gear it up with a number code or password lock to ensure it is secure.

Get a Home Insurance:

All the aforementioned will no doubt safeguard your home. In addition to that, it is always better to invest in home insurance to give your home and all its contents an extra cover, safeguarding it. Home insurance protects your house and its belongings from various dangers keeping it unharmed. In the unfortunate event of a burglary, while you cope with the shock and the losses, at the very least you will have some financial protection to repurchase your possessions.

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