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Preparing Your Home for Your Baby's Arrival | Chola MS

You may have considered every aspect of becoming a parent, but you're in for a surprise. The baby will change everything about you - your hobbies, what you eat, your relationships, how you spend your day and when you sleep! Your priorities will certainly change - home loans, house insurance and child plans will seem more important than organizing a surprise party for your friend. Your home will also need to go through some changes. The décor may change from crystal vases with flowers to milk bottles and teether toys! While all this will happen over the course of time, there are a few things you need to address more urgently and proactively.

Baby-Proof Your Home:

Are you nervous about bringing your baby home? You have reason to be. Most homes are filled with things that may look harmless but can be hazards for your young one. Even table corners and small coins can cause harm to your baby. 

Preparing the Crib

Although a well decorated crib expresses the delight you feel, avoid putting anything on the baby's bed that is not soft. In fact, keep toys out the crib. Ensure that the crib is away from windows and curtains. In case you are using a baby monitor, keep it at least 3 feet away from the baby. 

Cords are Their Worst Enemies 

Ensure that all cords are at a height and tightly wrapped, with no loose cord hanging within your baby's reach. Babies and toddlers love to tug at these cords and can pull appliances or equipment that may fall on them. 

Keep Small Objects Away

All small objects are choking hazards. Put away all such objects, like earrings, buttons, coins and erasers, into tightly sealed boxed and place them at a height. Anything that can fit into your palm falls under the category of choking hazards. 

Preparing the Furniture 

Use padding on the corners of low furniture. Ensure that you do not have any light furniture that can topple easily. Low tables with glass tops should be packed away in your storage. 

Keeping Danger at Bay 

Get child-proof plug covers and cover all the electrical sockets. If there are areas, like stairs, that you would not want your baby to venture into alone, get a wooden gate installed. Ensure that all drugs and cleaning agents are out of reach. Sharp objects like forks, knives and scissors can be put away in high drawers. 

Just as you would burglar proof your home before getting house insurance in India , you would need to child-proof your home before welcoming your baby into it.

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