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Ideas to Add Texture to Your Living Room

The month of October is a transitional time of the year - the weather gets cooler and the landscape also changes in certain parts of the country. This is an exciting time for many especially since there is a burst of festive activity which also commences a countdown to the year end holidays and ushering in of a New Year.

This is the time where most people spend time refreshing parts of their home and the best way to do it is to add texture to it. So here are some cues we have put together to add some beautiful layered texture to your living rooms, read on to know more.

Add cushions and soft knitted throw overs or Faux Fur

These items are easily available, you can do a colour contrast or you can keep it the same colour tones as your sofas. These will definitely restyle and refresh the entire styling of your room and what’s more interesting is that not only will it make the space look inviting but also create a mood of being cozy too. 

Layer your rugs

Do you have rugs in your living room? If you do, then styling them the right way is important. For example, if you have a jute rug, you can add a smaller patterned rug on top leaving a couple of feet of jute showing on all sides (so this means you need to make sure the rug at the bottom is bigger in size than the one added on the top). If you are someone who doesn’t mind experimenting a little more then considering an irregularly shaped rug for the top layer will also work wonders for the look and feel of the room.

Add an accent wall

This will be an interesting activity to do, you will need to put aside some time for it. There are alot of textured paints available in the market, pick up a contrast colour or even a pastel one whichever suits your taste also keep in mind that it will need to match with your room. This season denim texture technique is in trend, there are lots of different textures that are available only with paint. What are you waiting for, get started !!

Add books and natural elements

Another way of refreshing your living room space is to add books. Do you have a lot of books lying around, here is what you can do to use them as texture! Add them to existing shelves, orienting them both horizontally and vertically or even as risers underneath interesting objects. Natural elements like plants are a great place to start, add a large potted plant in one corner, and put a couple of smaller ones on a bookshelf or end table. Live edge wood, crystals, and floral patterns would work well too. If you want you can decorative pots as well for your plants.

Add more lighting

Lighting might not be the first thing you think of when you're trying to add texture to your living room, but this move can really add a new dimension to your space. The key to refreshing the room is to vary your light sources. One needs to make sure you have at least three different kinds, i.e. floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, candles, etc.

It can be fun to bring in a new style into your home especially in the living and entertainment spaces. Remember you can make things a lot more fun when you work on it with your loved ones.  This will definitely bring into your space the touch you all love equally and give everyone a chance to express their preferences through the space. Hope these tips will help you bring out the interior designer in you and refresh the mood and vibe in your home this festive season.

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