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How to Organise your Linen Closet Like a Boss!

A linen closet is not always called a “Linen closet” in many households. But it is the most useful thing to have in your home, as it holds items currently not being used in the bathroom, bedrooms, or the dining room.

Consider it a "stock room" (if you're particularly limited on storage, that might include the kitchen, too). Just like any room in the house, it's important that a linen closet is well organized. This just makes life easy when you need to replenish something in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Knowing exactly where your fresh linen is can save you a lot of time and potential embarrassment in case you have sudden guests.

What should ideally be in a linen closet?

The closet ideally should contain linens that aren’t currently being used in the bedroom and bathroom. This can be towels, washcloths, and unopened toiletries from the bathroom, and sheets, blankets, and pillows/ pillow covers for bedrooms. An important thing to keep in mind, one shouldn’t try and shove more into your linen closet than what the closet can hold! A functioning linen closet is not filled to the brim. Above all, it's neatly arranged so each item is easy to access when needed.

A linen closet that is well organized is not a thing of beauty. The focus here- function over fashion. This calls for the towels to be folded and stacked, sheet sets are kept together, and toiletries are grouped based on function. Space always being a constrain, a well-organized closet means smart use of space. When deciding what items should go on what shelves, consider these guidelines or time to make things easy for you:

  • Stack frequently- the most used items (daily/weekly etc) like towels or sheets on the middle shelves for easiest and the fastest access. (This reduces to mess the other shelves up)
  • Use large bins/baskets at the bottom shelves, housing things like toilet paper or paper towels
  • Store infrequently used items (like linens for the guest room, or extra pillows) on the highest and inside shelves.
  • The power of labeling - Do not underestimate the power of a label. Yes, it might take a little more sorting them out, but a well-placed label is the definition of a good linen closet organization. This way, if you are not at home and someone else is looking for a specific item, they can quickly locate it.  
  • Basket & Bins - Stacking up linens, towels, blankets and pillows can be done directly on your shelves. But what if there are loose items? A few cane baskets or bins can do wonders for linen closet organization. If your baskets aren't see-through, do add a label to it so you can find things quickly and with ease. (The advantage of this is that it will save you alot of time searching) Also, one more important thing here is to when selecting baskets, or bins, consider what you need their function to be and not just go by how they look!
  • Making the best use of space - Most of the linen closets have a lot of multi-tasking to do. Wouldn't it be nice if we all just needed to store only a few towels in some artisanal wire baskets? (Yes, they are very pretty to look at!) However, if there is alot of stuff you need to fit in your bathroom closet or linen closets aside from the shelves, make sure you're making use of the floor, and the inside of the closet door as well yes in the most efficient way possible. Another pro tip - The inside of the doors are the most useful for hanging thin or smaller objects. Functional and easy -add a few hooks to the inside of the door to store brooms or mops. Hang some narrow baskets to store smaller items. (Do not ever try and fit things that space can’t hold it will just lead to a lot of mess and your entire purpose goes to waste)

Finally, however, you choose to store your linens, ensure you're only holding on to what you need. Do not use the space on a temporary basis for anything else when your linens have gone for laundry.

When your closets are organized it’s easy to quickly screen and discard worn-out or stained bedding. Being organised can ensure you avoid the need to hoard, which is usually a sign of not being sure of your own laundry or replenishment cycles. And finally, make sure your blankets are not damp when folded or not aren't folded too tightly. This is to keep the mold and mildew at bay. Proper airflow/ventilation is essential to keep the close dry, aerated, and fresh.

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