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How to hang framed and unframed posters without damaging your walls?

Posters are a great addition to make your walls look great. Framed or unframed posters can make great, easy, and affordable decor additions that also personalise your space to your personal preferences. The key to making posters look great is to make sure you hang them right and this does not mean a couple of pieces of clear tapes on the sides

This article will help in hanging those really cool posters that you have kept aside. Here are some ways of doing it so they look professional without you requiring to drill any holes in your wall.

Step 1 - Prep your poster

Take your poster and lay it on a flat surface with the printed side facing up. To get rid of the furling corners, weigh down all the sides for a few hours to make sure they dont curl up from the sides. But if your poster is already flat, you can skip this step.

Step 2 - Pick your spot

Choose your spot, decide where you want to hang your poster. Keep in mind that you are going to apply removable adhesive to the area that you choose, so make sure you don’t pick a spot that isn’t smooth or that has been recently painted. Pro tip - Make sure you choose a place that doesn’t have direct sunlight so that it doesn’t fade.

Step 3 - Choose your adhesion method

There are a variety of options when it comes to removable adhesives. While the most standard and cheapest one is the clear tape it isn’t designed for removability so this will risk you taking the paint off the wall along with your poster later. To remove this risk, it’s good to stick to adhesives that are specifically needed to be removed as they will come off the wall cleaner.

If your poster is unframed:

Poster glue dots, mounting tape, etc are strong enough to keep your unframed poster on the wall as they are uniquely designed to peel off your wall without causing or leaving any damage.

If your poster is framed

Posters with frames are heavier and fragile by default. Look for removable picture hanging hooks (yes these are available today in the market) and make sure they are listed for “heavy-duty” use on the label.

Some tips to keep in mind to remove adhesives

When you feel it’s time to have a change and want to take your posters down be careful to not take the paint off your wall with them. Luckily today we have removable adhesive products that do the job well without damaging wall paint.

Now, are you ready to beautify your space? Use the above tips to hang your posters and bring an interesting visual element to your home sweet home.

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