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How to buy Home Content Insurance | Chola MS

Your home protects you from all outside attacks and dangers. But, how would you protect your home and its assets from man-made or natural attacks? Well, a comprehensive home content insurance would give your home the cover it requires. While most of us neglect buying insurance for home, assuming that it would be a waste of money, only a few know the importance of this investment. It would cost you small yearly premiums to get a cover for your home, assets and valuables.

There are several things to consider when shopping for home content insurance. Read on to know about some useful tips on how to shop for a policy.

Tips on Buying Home Content Insurance

  • Look for comprehensive cover Buying home content insurance and home building insurance from the same provider would be a smart decision. This will enable you to get cheap price, in most cases.
  • Choose annual payment mode One good idea would be to opt for annual payment mode. Although it seems a smaller amount when you pay monthly, you end up paying more for the same cover. Every premium for home content insurance includes an additional service tax or admin charges. And if you pay monthly, you would have to pay these extras every time. So, it would be profitable to pay once in a year.
  • Invest in security features Insurers offer cheaper rates for homes that are equipped with security features, such as, advanced burglar alarm and CCTV (Closed-circuit television) surveillance. This is because security features can play a major role in reducing the chance of theft or burglary.
  • Consider choosing a private insurer If your house is built in a disaster-prone area, you perhaps should look for a private insurance provider. Unlike government owned insurance providers, private home content insurance providers would usually offer you a better deal. They usually provide extensive coverage in a single plan. For example, you can get a plan which provides:
  • Cover for the house structure
  • Cover for home contents
  • Cover for family members

It is important to remember that most of the acclaimed insurance providers are available online. Considering the convenience and benefits of online shopping, it would be better to compare and buy home content insurance online. However, for best results, you should buy from an acclaimed provider. With a little research about the company, their plans, benefits and exclusions, you can find out a suitable deal for you.

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