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Home Decor - Interior Design Trends for 2015

According to the CNBC report on May 2, 2014, the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu features in the list of global cities that could outperform real estate markets around the world. This just proves that acquiring a new home is no easy feat. And after the formalities like registration and taking a home insurance, the next hurdle of décor and furnishing begins. Having spent all our saving on the house, we are left with very little to work with. See how you can give your dream home a bit of soul with these quirky ideas.

Budget Ideas to Spice up any Room

Apart from little money, these ideas call for little imagination, time and energy. So you do not have to compromise on important things like home insurance, house electronic, etc.

  • While we can afford to have inexpensive and recycled décor, expenses for documentation and home insurances in India should not be compromised.
  • Maximise wall paint - Use the spare interior paint on large framed canvases to brighten blank walls. If your walls colours are different in each room, make a design using all the reminder colours to create textures or patterns. This will cost you nothing, and you don’t have to spend a bomb on wall textures. Also, it will fill blank walls and you do not have to buy expensive paintings. 
  • Use spares - We all have colour plates that we never use;they would actually make great wall arrangements. Use plates of a single colour in various hues; make sure to place the most dramatic piece in the centre. 
  • Create illusions - While looking to fill the room with flowers, stretch a single bunch of flowers into many small bud vases to get the illusion of many flowers arrangements. Use the same technique for photos; fill the room with many small pictures instead of large ones. The trend for plenty is in fashion. 
  • Recycle waste - An old tree stump along the road or garden can be chopped off and recycled into a fabulous piece of furnishing. Have it insect tested and add a coat of varnish, and just like that you have a rustic side table. You can enhance the look with gold, brown and black paint. Rustic décor is a huge hit.
  • Improvise - We all love madkakulfiserved in miniature pots, start a collection with them. When you have five or six pots, paint them out in designs and fill them with soil and seeds like mustard, dhania or even mint. Do the same thing with beer bottles or any other jars. Plants are evergreen even in décor. 
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