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Things - chronically messy people understand.

Organised chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Are you the one who has an “organised chaos” of a work desk to an intentionally labeled “junk drawer”?

If this resonates with you, then you are not alone!

Listing out five things that are relatable to a chronically unapologetic chaotic person.

1.There is always a method to the madness

If you are the type of person who self-identifies yourself as messy,  despite others seeing it as “clutter” you are someone who would still not have trouble navigating through the things you need.

This can lead to others trying to shame you into changing your ways and habits and you embrace the mess as part of your day-to-day life rather than let others’ opinions hold you back. For some, the mess adds a sense of stability, order, and calmness.

2.You never have to fight what’s natural

As a messy person, you might have spent a lot of time trying to fight what comes naturally to you - the disorganization and the chaotic arrangement of your life and belongings.

While you know that your family and friends only mean well, you realize that it’s better to be who you are rather than waste energy trying to be something that you are naturally not.

3.Celebrate your Imperfections

Society has its own set of rules. Often “bad habits” and “imperfections” are shamed and being a chronically messy person you do come under the radar more than often. Order and structure are praised while being messy is not. In this case, being unique is not celebrated but often is looked upon and judged.

Always remember to see what makes you different, only then will you be able to appreciate and celebrate your uniqueness.

4.To judge others is just a waste of time

Whether or not you’re a chronically messy person, there are far better things to do with your life than focus your time and energy on others. Even if you are a victim of judgments, you don’t need to continue with that negative energy messing with your mind!

Everyone is different. You focus on what you do best and help others be their best selves. Yes, you thrive with mess and that’s not a bad thing. Learn to appreciate and not apologize for who you are.

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