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Easy Ways to Transform your Old Furniture!

Repurposing old furniture has gained popularity over time. It is always a good practice to upcycle items at home, especially those that do not serve their original purpose anymore. This also helps with giving your house a refreshed look without burning a hole in your pocket.

Read on to check out some of the tips on repurposing old furniture and give your home a touch of DIY magic!

  1. Stencil patterns

Do you have an old storage cabinet or cutlery unit lying around? If yes, this simple trick can help create a breath of freshness. Make interesting/exciting patterns on it using different stencils. You get different styles easily in the market and you can get creative!

A Quick tip: geometric patterns never go out of style! Make quirky triangles with the help of stencils and fill in colours of your choice.

  1. Paint it

This can be the most fun DIY activity that can be done with friends and family. This is the easiest way to give the furniture a quick makeover. Just grab some paints and get started. You don’t need serious artistic skills.

Tip: Make sure you pick a colour that complements the rest of your interiors.

  1. Use old trunks as tables

Don’t we all have old suitcases and trunks lying somewhere in the loft at home? Most of them lying around collecting dust? Well, dust them off and bring them out!! You can use these as a coffee table or side table or even as decorative pieces to spice up corners in the house. Paint it or add some varnish if you want it. It is sure to give your room a rustic touch. If you’re feeling even more craft, look up decoupage options and give that a try if you are able to source interesting pattern papers for the decoupage.

  1. A door table

You must be wondering that this is one of the most bizarre DIY tips ever!  Well, who knew an old creaky door could also be put to use! If you have a door that is falling apart from the hinges or not in use anymore, you could use it as a dining table. You can paint it and add your own styling touch to make it stand out.

Pro Tip -Just make sure you discard any spoiled wood so that you have a sturdy base. This is as quirky as it gets!

  1. Ladder to the rescue

If you’re hooked on, the idea of repurposing old furniture, this is definitely a must-try! A wooden ladder can be reused as a hanger for umbrellas, like a clothes hanger in your bedroom, or even to beautify a corner of the room with plants and other decorative pieces. You can paint it or leave it as is to give it a quirky/rustic feel, it’s sure to turn heads and get you compliments!

These simple DIY ideas for repurposing your old furniture are fun and functional at the same time. You just have to have an eye for detail and an enthusiasm to try things out! Next time you see an old piece of furniture lying around, think of all the ways you can repurpose it to give your home a fresh look!

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