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Do I really need insurance?

To every person asking himself this question, the answer is: YES.

There is no excuse for not taking home insurance in today’s times. Your home should be adequately protected against fire, theft and damages due to riots, floods, storms, heavy rain, collapses and other calamities. You may equip your home with the best security systems and the latest surveillance cameras. But when you are not at home, your house is vulnerable to every kind of attack, from both man and nature..

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Apart from home insurance protecting you against damage and loss due to theft, it also gives you immunity from liability. For instance, a home owner whose house has been burgled is solely responsible for the losses incurred if he has not taken home insurance. A bigger factor to consider is that home insurance also protects the home owner from liability claims filed by persons who may be injured inside the home, for instance, during a break-in attempt or a storm. 

While taking home insurance, it is important to get all valuable items listed and insured. Also important is the fitting of standard security and alarm systems to ward off predators. Study the policy benefits, premiums and liability clauses carefully while buying home insurance.

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